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  1. Rosenstein out Graham in Haley Senator
  2. If they all get two senators it will throw the entire thing into a gigantic cluster. Guam has like 300 people
  3. She’s taking over for Rosenstein who also resigned
  4. She’s taking over for Rosenstein who also resigned last night on the plane
  5. I was going on the working theory that it was KAC who wrote the OpEd but Haley has always been a prime suspect
  6. Kanye’s new hot take. Abolish the 17th after abolishing the 13th
  7. The fact that he came across as a partisan hack with an ax to grind against the left seems to bother people a lot less than the fact he screamed like a lunatic for an hour. Once he’s confirmed (which I fully expect) he will sit on that court withit even the pretense of political ambiguity.
  8. “President _________ was implicated as an un-indicted co-conspirator yesterday in a scheme where he wore a tan suit and put mustard on his fries without triggering FEC oversight.”
  9. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 8/22/18, 8:44 AM If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen! Download the Twitter app
  10. Im sure he’s wagging his dog at some tail right around now
  11. Serious question. Do you think the average person at that WV rally last night has any sense to how ironic that was? If you live in such an insulated Trump bubble it seems to me that you may not even comprehend the bigger picture. These are the same people who are constantly out The Daily Show or the John Oliver show where their asked a question like “aren’t clothes being made in China horrible” as they wear a Made in China MAGA hat.
  12. He drains the swamp of dirty water and replaces it with toxic sewage
  13. Wait...this Space Force is a real thing? I honestly thought this was just one of those times that Trump was riffing and everybody just sort of laughed and turned to more important issues. I assumed it was one of those issues that every time he'd bring it up, John Kelly would tell him that they are working on it, just to keep him satisfied but apparently Mike Pence decided to have a big press conference announcement today Although I do still kind of believe my first theory because the entire hoopla so far has to do with the logo which might be their way of placating the orange imbecile Kelly Yes Mr President we are hard at work on Space Force, just last week we had a designer work on a logo which, as a person who has had great success in branding, you'd appreciate Trump Yes, very good. A logo is really key to this, get to work on that. Maybe we should have an Apprentice style showdown on prime time to reveal the winning one Kelly Yes sir, sounds like a great idea. Those logos should be done in about two months, can't rush these things you know. Then a couple of months for review, you know for dotting the I's and crossing the T's. Trump Sounds sensible but we have to get this in front of people to show the tremendous work i'm doing. This is just another example of a place where crooked Hillary would have done something without any pizazz like trying to fix those water pipes. Nobody cares about that, people want bigger Kelly Yes, sure whatever Trump Do you think I should mention it at the campaign rally I'm having for that Tommy Baldwin guy over in Albuquerque Kelly You mean Troy Balderson in Ohio?? Trump Yeah him. We like him right? He's not too nerdy looking is he? Anyway, get Tony a SpaceJam T-shirt. I like Mike Kelly Sure thing Chief
  14. Getting Trump for President is like finding a lump in your scrotum. People may tell you not to worry but chances are you and Marshall Faulk share an ailment
  15. When will you libs start accepting that Trump won, Hillary lied and that Pluto is not a planet.
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