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  1. In general: 5. Bumps up to 7 when the US team plays. Even when the US isn't playing, it can be interesting TV (e.g. the Cameroon drama).
  2. Thanks. On a related note, do you have further insight into this ruling? The general AP reporting-to-the-masses style seems lacking.
  3. Interesting. Michigan does handle community vs. separate property like I described...in general. But extenuating circumstances can create legal wrinkles. A WaPo article on the topic indicated the husband wasn't paying child support at the time the ticket was bought, so I'm guessing that affected the arbitrator's view on what was considered community property.
  4. The article did a great job highlighting the incompetence and apathy of the Malaysian government from the first minute the plane's transponder went silent through the end of the investigations years later. There's a good Real Life Lore YouTube video on MH370 done earlier this year. Covers a lot of the same ground in about 15 minutes.
  5. Most states, if not all, use some determination of a "clear intent to end the marriage" as the legal date of separation which is then used for cutoff dates on things like community vs. separate property, support payments and the like. Effectively, the DOS is your divorce date even if finalizing the divorce takes months or years due to various reasons (statutes, one or both parties dragging things out in hopes of getting a better deal/judgment). Often the filing date is used as the "clear intent" so you're pretty much divorced once you file. Law aside, once you've filed you've told your spouse the marriage is over so I don't see how you're "cheating" since you've made it clear things are over.
  6. Gareth Edwards made a good indie flick, "Monsters", which focused on the human side of things rather than monster scenes. Hiring him to do "Godzilla" and take the same approach was poor for two reasons: The human story sucked and it's freaking Godzilla who everybody came to see. With Edwards out of the picture, I expect KOTM to be more like what most fans hoped to see in 2014.
  7. Most lawyers have a standard divorce agreement template. You provide the details and they fill it in. If it's as simple as you say, you are probably looking at 2-4 hours of his/her time. Multiply that by the hourly rate and you should have a good idea what it will cost.
  8. Have you discussed this with your lawyer? Be sure you understand custody law where you are. Where I'm at, this situation would have given my ex a ton of power and control over the kids. My nightmare scenario was her deciding she wanted to move far away with the kids and having the power where a judge would let her.
  9. Playing flag football in college with a ton of onlookers, I jumped high to catch a pass and landed to intense pain in the back of both thighs. Pulled both hamstrings simultaneously. How freaking out of shape does a 21yr old guy have to be to pull both hamstrings on a routine play? The field was at the bottom of a hill and walking uphill was a non-starter...until I figured out walking up backwards provided some relief. So off went this idiot walking gingerly backwards uphill, clutching both hamstrings, much to the disbelief of everyone there.
  10. I have 50% custody so I see my kids as often as their mom does. I also attend all of their extracurricular events. I text with them as well when they are at their mom's (and mom calls/texts when they're with me). I have great talks with them and they are very open with me. Sure, the teenager can act distant at times, but they know that you just being there at the ready is a huge comfort.
  11. If he addresses it in his routine, he'll get skewered by some as profiting from the incidents. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.
  12. Final Wars has a great opening and the final act may be the best in the series, but everything between really drags. Casting Dr. Serizawa and the lady from Planet X is a great hat tip to the original series. Casting UFC champ Don Frye as the sword-yielding captain of the Gotengo really was brilliant. Edit: The nerdy inventor in "Monster Zero" was good comic relief and his loud annoying device was one of child me's first lessons in foreshadowing. But to me, the runner up to Nick Adams is the Controller of Planet X and those alien outfits. Spectacular B-movie goodness.
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