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  1. Girlfriend recently started a new job. Yesterday the company celebrated all of the October birthdays with a group gathering in the break room with treats. Somebody handed her a card to sign. She signs it with "Happy Birthday!" Turns out it was a sympathy card for a colleague who lost a family member.
  2. Ugh. Sorry, man. If it makes you feel any better, my ex said to my very young kids: "Don't listen to daddy. He's being a (female dog) right now." and then another time: "I hope when you grow up you don't marry a jerk like your father."
  3. "Happy wife, happy life" is a mainstreaming of a dysfunctional relationship. Ignore it. "Never disagree in front of the kids" is bad, because kids could learn a lot about healthy conflict resolution from their disagreeing parents. That being said, you really should not undermine each other to the kids, period. It tells the kids that either one parent is above the other or that you're constantly battling each other for that top spot which is bad. If you do have an issue with how your wife disciplines the kids, deal with it with her in private and find a way for you both to agree on dis
  4. There's this sharp 180 degree turn, somewhere around age 9 or 10, where when a kid effs up a joke it goes from, "Aww, that's cute you tried telling a joke. Almost had it." to "God, you're not too bright, huh?"
  5. Coworker just walked by wearing a shirt with a huge yellow polo logo like this. When did wearing a big yellow horse on a shirt become a thing?
  6. Good to hear. Still, you have a lot of work in front of you regarding custody. Something like "...be part of the girls lives because they need you, I can raise them" can be interpreted in several ways. Maybe she's looking at 50/50 custody. Or maybe she's looking at 95/5 where you see your kids for dinners here and there and that's her idea of you being part of their lives. At least she's opening up communication on this so keep talking, asking for clarifications and making proposals. Best of luck to you. ETA: Just saw GM's post ("It's a Trap!"). My point about findin
  7. Not the same, but I know a high-tech company that only hires people with a 3.3 GPA or higher from college...even if they've been in the workforce for years, or even decades. Rejected an outstanding sales manager candidate with an amazing track record because his GPA from 20+ years ago was 3.1.
  8. TSA Marshal Willanholly approved their passage through the x-ray machine.
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