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  1. We opened there with Romo only a few years back 8 maybe. I remember - because I was there. Pretty sure we won 35-22 ish. It was so hot and humid. Edit - yes Sept 13, 2009.
  2. Seem like tweeners that excel in nothing. Trying to keep an open mind but the Gholston picks seems bad.
  3. They player I hear that we covet is Trevon Moehrig - Safety. I’m not sure he lasts though as he’s likely the 2-4 best overall value still on the board. We have 4 picks tonight. Gotta get a CB (maybe 2) for sure. The good thing is this CB talent pool is relatively deep. On top of that - needs are: Safety - DT - OT - DE
  4. It would be just “so Jerry”. I would literally be shocked. If we don’t address this defense it’s gonna be a long decade.
  5. I wouldn’t do it for either of these CB’s either though. I view a LT > CB. That’s just me though. Just sharing what I read about the potential target...
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