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  1. We opened there with Romo only a few years back 8 maybe. I remember - because I was there. Pretty sure we won 35-22 ish. It was so hot and humid. Edit - yes Sept 13, 2009.
  2. Seem like tweeners that excel in nothing. Trying to keep an open mind but the Gholston picks seems bad.
  3. They player I hear that we covet is Trevon Moehrig - Safety. I’m not sure he lasts though as he’s likely the 2-4 best overall value still on the board. We have 4 picks tonight. Gotta get a CB (maybe 2) for sure. The good thing is this CB talent pool is relatively deep. On top of that - needs are: Safety - DT - OT - DE
  4. It would be just “so Jerry”. I would literally be shocked. If we don’t address this defense it’s gonna be a long decade.
  5. I wouldn’t do it for either of these CB’s either though. I view a LT > CB. That’s just me though. Just sharing what I read about the potential target...
  6. It would not surprise me - with Parsons. I do think Quinn wants a shot to coach up LVE and Smith. I think CB is the greater need, but I don’t have a strong sense of Parsons game though.
  7. Ha - didn’t even catch that. If they are smokescreening - he might be Quinn’s pick.
  8. I believe Pitts is gone by 10 so I don’t believe that’s happening unless we trade up. I prefer Sewell way over Slater(short arms) despite his nastiness. I go back and forth on the corners. Surtain is more smooth and disciplined. Horn is a dog with swagger who will ball. If you put a gun to my head to pick, I think Surtain is the better fit and would compliment Diggs best, but I just think there is a greater intangible with Horn that this defense lacks. Ultimately, I like sure things in the first round. I go Surtain - but it’s reallllllllly close and tough.
  9. I will say I find it odd how Dallas has shown public interest in Surtain/Horn even showing vids of the interviews. Smoke screen or reverse physiology?
  10. I think it’s pretty clear that if a trade down does not happen - we are taking one of: Pitts Sewell Slater Surtain Horn
  11. I think Pitts will be gone before we pick. He is a talent for sure. I also understand your desire of an OT, but we have to invest in the defense IMO. I think we are OK 1 more year with Smith/Collins. I’m warming up to the idea of trading back a few spots from 10. Grab a CB (Horn maybe), or a rusher (Michigan DE). Then with the extra picks we get, combine it with our 2nd pick and trade back up into the last few picks of the first. There a ton of LBs, CB’s, and Dline available in the 25-32 spots. If we pick at 10 - I predict it will be (Surtain, Sewell or Slater).
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