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  1. I know about a dozen people in Florida so this is anecdotal. But in their opinion, Democrat run states are locked down, Florida is wide open, people elsewhere are locked in their houses by the government and Florida is the best of all worlds vis-a-vis Covid. Meanwhile, my daughter has been is school all year since September, I can go to a Knicks game, will be able to go to a Yankees game when they start, eat in a restaurant and go to a museum, but don't let facts get in the way of a good story.
  2. In the J&J trials, there were no hospitalizations or deaths at all in the vaccine arm. Sign me up. Keep in mind, vaccine trials for the 3 vaccines took place at different times and in different countries. The efficacy % they quote is not directly comparable across vaccines. There are also different efficacy %'s by country. Bottom line the J&J vaccine is good to go, so let's go already.
  3. And the Yankees, thankfully. His disapproval rating among Democrats has more than tripled since July. He desperately wants to be remembered for handling the pandemic well. That's not happening.
  4. All true. At first it was "staying 100 miles away from politics", which was good. He did help people understand when Covid was first hitting hard here, big time. If people recall, Covid was initially viewed as a "NY problem", "oh we're not like NY" was a prevalent attitude early while NY was getting ravaged. Then once things got "better" he got highly political. Many refer to him as "Dictator Cuomo", which isn't wrong. Suffolk County here.
  5. I used Google. I'm not defending anyone, please don't insinuate.
  6. Holding Cuomo accountable is a bi-partisan issue in NY. It hasn't always risen to the level of national news.
  7. Many local papers and local politicians have been talking about this all year, with ebbs and flows along the way. What happened recently was that Cuomo's staff met with state legislators to go over the legislators' list of questions and it took the administration 6 months to get the legislators the answers they asked for. But pretty much every Cuomo tweet is followed by half of the comments saying "Resign, you killed nursing home patients" or something similar.
  8. The bolded is a fair representation IMO. Mistakes followed by not being forthcoming due to arrogance.
  9. People should understand that NY state was following the CDC guidance at the time. Calling it "Cuomo's policy" is not correct. Not defending him, just stating the fact. Many states followed this guidance until it was updated. NY had a hospital bed crisis at the time as well. It's a complex set of events that one should really go back to March 2020 and read up on the timeline to fully get all of the facts correct.
  10. Cuomo and De Blasio are political opponents despite both being "D" democrats. Democrats span a pretty wide swath of the spectrum in NY. Both are hacks. Cuomo is a bully and demands loyalty (sound familiar) and De Blasio is incompetent, wants his term to end and isn't a native New Yorker. Always a slap fest between these two. Cuomo is more competent but loves to praise himself and is thin-skinned to criticism. On the actual topic of the nursing homes, they could have nipped everything in the bud, but they let it fester and now they are reaping what they sowed on that. They've been very tra
  11. It does appear to be more about competence, greed and special interests than it does about conservative or liberal. However I would add I don't know enough about Texas politics and relationships with the energy industry to say that any ideology component is completely off the table.
  12. Logical fallacies come in many shapes and sizes. "Whataboutism" is an often used debate tactic, but your debate professor would certainly strike it. At least it's a bit better than Ad Hominem, but not much IMO.
  13. President Biden reassured that young girl last night about Covid during the town hall and THAT is the type of leadership I expect from a President or any other elected official.
  14. Is there an equivalent to President Trump for Democrats? Where that one person dominates to the point of authoritarianism? "Father Trump", so to speak? This was an interesting passage: Republicans are a lot nuttier "As I covered in “Republicans’ Unhinged Moderation,” the flipside of all this is that today’s Republicans seem dangerous and authoritarian. It’s not just that Trump did bad tweets or failed to comport himself with dignity. Over the weekend, Joe Biden declared a state of emergency for Texas in light of the freezing weather and the ensuing chaos in the state. Up un
  15. Holding people accountable for their words and actions is a good thing, IMO. People should be responsible for what they say and what they do. It seems like the politicians have co-opted this for, guess what, political purposes and have created another issue to further divide Americans, which I am against.
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