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  1. I believe a Republican would win office if this happened. There's too much anti-Trump baggage. But it's a big ask of the guy, honestly. I don't see Trump going for "hey, don't run yourself, but tell your supporters to vote for the nominee that isn't you". Not really in his DNA.
  2. Just looking at NY fatality data, 32 of 45,167 fatalities from COVID-19 were ages 19 and under. That's total deaths since the pandemic began, so it is "new" data, but it may be better termed as "up-to-date" data. I have an 11 year-old daughter (12 in June). When the vaccine is authorized, she'll get it and the pandemic will be over for us. I believe it is over for vaccinated people already, in many ways. Those of us with kids and the kids themselves still have that to get through, IMO. I realize as a female especially, the worst outcome risk is statistically miniscule for her. But she wants to help not spread the virus to others (her words) to the extent that she can, and we'll be able to fully close the chapter where we have to think twice about dining in a restaurant (we still have, but not to the extent we previously did). Because even though the risk is statistically miniscule, I still think about it. She goes to school every day, went every day last year too, still goes to dance in-person and has for over a year. She's not missing out, it's not like she's the one clamoring to go out to eat. The metric I follow to any extent anymore is hospitalizations in my state, but more specifically in my region. I also look at the vaccination rate occasionally, but it's sufficiently high so I'm less concerned about that now. NY State Fatalities NY State Hospitalizations NY State Vaccine Tracker
  3. They both have compelling points, but to me (a total layman) it appears Jon's argument will win in court while Bottomfeeder's argument is testimony to stronger supporting laws in cases where the party claiming self-defense clearly contributes to the unlawful situation.
  4. I enjoy Peace on Earth well enough not to skip, it's what I would call a "nice" U2 song. The Christmas song is good when it's played in the context of other Christmas songs. As a U2 song, pretty much agree with its ranking here.
  5. They call that "pulling an Osteen". ETA: Dang Woz beat me to it.
  6. Unfortunately Colin Powell had multiple myeloma and was immunocompromised. He was the highest of the high risk, given his age and underlying conditions. RIP General Powell. Didn't always agree with him, but certainly respected him.
  7. For sure. To me the school district/county deserves the culpability in this case, and it's their poor execution and follow through with policy that are to blame. The link you just posted where the staff member said it's ok leads me to believe that even further. Their policy is staff members can just decide something like that? No good. That's why I'd demand investigations (I mentioned this upthread), this crew needs to get their act together. On the bathroom issue itself, I see it as a problem if they can't provide a policy on security/safety around the subject. I freely admit I don't have a solution for what that needs to look like.
  8. You changed the title of the thread after flamethrowing me on it. The thread content was largely a discussion about the transgender bathroom policy, old or new title. Maybe you didn't intend for it to go that way, to be fair you can't control what everyone posts about. I commented on the particular case and agreed with several of those points. What I would demand from the school district is a clear policy with rules, security and enforcement spelled out. This school district needs an investigation into several of their policies. The placement of the attacking kid into another school certainly as one of them. The superintendent should definitely resign if it's shown he knew about the incident and lied about it (I believe he probably knew but would like to see it verified). I give the Dad a pass for his reaction the day of the incident. I don't give anyone a pass for the school board meeting nonsense. For whatever reason Louden County seems to be somewhat of a magnet for these outrage theatrics about masks and CRT and whatever else, the bathrooms in this case. I don't agree with it, it's disruptive for the students not helpful, and it doesn't appear to be organic in its organization. Some of the "concerned parents" have turned out to have worked in politics, for example. To be consistent, the lady that the Dad got into the argument with is an example of being in the wrong here. On the culture war thing, it's not the Conservatism or Liberalism I'm for or against, it's the outrage tactics that I'm opposed to. I'm not a fan of the culture war no matter which side. It seems to me to be just the type of tactic to employ to keep the populace divided. Both "sides" included.
  9. I read the article after fatguy posted it and commented on it. So these weren't examples at all? Neither was this one? These types of "culture war" issues are exactly what those with big money and power want the peons to be bickering about. I think @timschochet is correct in that we have more in common than we think, and it seems to me that these culture war issues are specifically hyped in order to further divide people, rile people up, and ultimately get them to donate money.
  10. That's what stuck out to me as the issues. I freely admit to not bringing a solution to the table here.
  11. Thanks for sharing SC. Tend to agree. The system sure seems different for those with money and that isn't fair.
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