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  1. The rush to judgment before all the facts are in, especially to fit a narrative, is a big problem in the media, definitely. Only speaking for myself here, but I wasn't familiar with the site before this thread. I went to their site. Hyper-partisan and poor formatting to boot. I won't be going back. I'm really just not into the fringe sites on either side, big part of the problem IMO (see first sentence above).
  2. The UK real world data is very promising, as is Israel's. This is the type on information that should be championed from the mountaintops. When people see actual results it tends to be convincing.
  3. What is "Daily Beast"? I'll look it up, it sounds like some hack website though. If the premise of the thread is what they said I'm definitely going with "who cares what Daily Beast says".
  4. We've about reached the point where appointments are just another barrier. Walk-in should start to be encouraged just about everywhere.
  5. Those comments are not helping and she should apologize.
  6. It does make sense to continue to watch the hospitalizations as an indicator of progress. I have to admit to checking them daily. On Long Island overall hospitalizations (590) and ICU admissions (129) are down a bit after being flat for around a month. This is across 20 hospitals and 2 counties. We have some contacts at the largest hospital in Suffolk County, and they say that they are running at normal operations with 19 in the ICU and 78 overall. Quite manageable is probably the best way to categorize it across the board. Most of the 20 hospitals have fewer than 5 in the ICU. From
  7. I'll never begrudge those who take it seriously, and will continue to respect those who take the option of wearing masks going forward by giving them a very wide berth in terms of distancing. Hopefully as hospitalizations plummet people like this will feel more comfortable as time goes on. My take is more around the "no mask, no vaccine, open everything up, why are you wearing a mask?!?, businesses can't tell me what to do!" crowd. Just have had it with that attitude.
  8. To be fair to folks where it has been tough to get an appointment, I want to give them a week or two from now (everyone 16+ is eligible today) plus the 28 days in-between shots (for Moderna) to get vaccinated, during which time I will continue to wear a mask, socially distance and avoid large crowds, especially indoors. After that? I think it's time to progress to normalcy and I will be hard-pressed past that point to go out of my way much for those who don't/didn't take this seriously. I've been doing everything I can for long enough and frankly I'm about done with the people who can't be bot
  9. Are people (NOT on this board) aware that they're lucky enough to be dragged along with the rest of us who are trying their damndest to get out of this pandemic despite them being difficult, stubborn and selfish with their attitudes and behaviors? Or is there no self-awareness of that at all? I wonder if people do this knowingly and don't care, or really just don't understand the concepts. It's frustrating.
  10. The size of the universe makes this extremely implausible. Most galaxies are receding away from ours at faster than the speed of light. Eventually we won't be able to see most of the galaxies in the universe. Even if aliens could travel at near the speed of light, it puts very, very few stars within reach of the Earth in any realistic timeframe. We've been searching our own galaxy for signs of life for around 30 years, with nothing to show for it. If other civilizations do/did exist, the timing also has to be right. They may have existed billions of years ago. Any likelihood for contact with a
  11. Woody Johnson was Trump's ambassador to the U.K. Having said that, I agree with some of what Trump is saying here. Specifically "The results of this vaccine have been extraordinary but now it’s reputation will be permanently challenged." The part about Pfizer and the rest of the rambling not so much though.
  12. I'd consider voting for DeSantis. It depends on who the Dems put up, I'll compare and contrast them. I won't vote for Father Trump though, and I still think he's the candidate until he says he's not.
  13. Sick of the shootings. I have no idea the right answer to solve it. Things like defending the Kyle Rittenhouse kid to the point of making him basically a hero and coming up with mad statistics about unrelated topics doesn't make me optimistic we'll ever get to any solutions though.
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