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  1. This is what I had on that list at this time last year...not what happened this year.
  2. I like to look at draft class over draft class to gauge strength. Here is my current 20-21 versus what I thought of that class at this time last year: (all for dynasty) QB Lawrence Fields Burrow Tua Lance Herbert Wilson Love Jones Trask Eason RB Harris Taylor Etienne Swift Dobbins Williams CEH Akers Hubbard Jermar Vaughn Moss WR Chase Jeudy Lamb Devonta Jefferson Waddle Reagor Bateman Ruggs Higgins TE Pitts Freiermuth <<a small wasteland of space>> Jordan &l
  3. Moment of dissension. I kinda disgree here. I'm looking forward to seeing how they both play when actually healthy. We haven't seen that yet. Not vehemently disagreeing...just tap the breaks.
  4. "The NFL" hasn't seen enough? More like one team with an extremely bare cupboard at RB took a low risk flyer -- after he cleared waivers despite still being on an affordable (albeit guaranteed) rookie contract. He got a smaller contract than the same team gave journeyman role-player Roy Helu, and also less than aging DeAngelo Williams got to be a straight backup to LeVeon Bell. Just like most people are assuming that Oakland has no real risk, I am assuming they gave him a decent contract because he had other suitors or other options. The speculation after being cut was he would be a league m
  5. I just think it's odd that "we" the Shark Pool has seen enough of him but the NFL clearly hasn't. In baseball, batting average is a results based metric, while quality at bats is an approach based metric. Usually in fantasy football we are trying to predict what may happen in the future, not celebrate what has already happened. Richardson has looked poor in the past. Richardson clearly has a shot as a bell cow back on a run heavy offense behind (or aside of) a guy that the new head coach is clearly not too impressed with. Thinking Richardson has no value or should be on any dynasty waive
  6. Hard to see this...after seeing the contract. You have to really hate TR if you see this as bumping Murray. Oh yeah...most people here do see him through anger colored glasses.
  7. Not to get too far off topic, but the Jets are clearly trying to upgrade their offense and many say the Jets take Mariotta at 6 or that is the place the Eagles trade up to get him at 6. This could be so FASCINATING on draft day with the Redskins at 5. The skins should trade back and get more picks. If anyone else wants to move up for Mariotta (especially someone not as far back as 20 like the Eagles), then the Skins have quite a bit of leverage. Should the skins trade to anyone just to get some more picks and make sure the Eagles don't get Mariotta? Can they get even more from the Eagles t
  8. Funny how people see things completely different. When I saw that fumble I thought it was hysterically bad. An airborne launched fumble the second a defender glanced across his elbow. Not good.
  9. He turned 23 years old 900 hours ago. </perspective>
  10. I have no idea, but there are package deals out there that pop up from DFW that give you basically free trips there.Interesting. Have any details and links?Ditto. Any details on this???
  11. Interesting take massraider. Was your job eliminated or did you leave voluntarily? Where did you move to? Did you like living in Vegas while you were there?
  12. I'm late to the party, but what happened to Mickey for the Ranch Report? No one seems to like Todd Archer much...all his reports feel awkward chemistry wise.
  13. Not to mention McFadden will be starting for Dallas next season.
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