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  1. Just put him in over flex WR types. Here's hoping.
  2. Pick two in non-PPR: Antonio Brown, Brandon Aiyuk, Davonta Smith, Tim Patrick, Jakobi Myers. Right now I have AB and Aiyuk in.
  3. He's riding my bench, but I'm expecting a mini return to normal today. Something like 80 and a TD.
  4. Ours has always been on the Saturday afternoon before Labor Day weekend (not ON Labor Day weekend).
  5. Switch hands! I'll take it, though. 😃
  6. I'm changing course and swapping Gaskin out for Hunt with the Browns' Covid news. But wishing everyone here good luck tonight.
  7. I've been debating McKissic, Hunt, Gaskin for days and have just settled on Gaskin. Looks like we won't get the clarity we want by game time, so I'm rolling with the upside and hoping for the best.
  8. So glad I got "stuck" with this guy as my WR1 this year. I'm just going to pretend I was excited about it on draft day and that it was all part of a master genius strategy.
  9. Agree with Pipes. But upfront next year. No dues no draft.
  10. I don't see anything wrong with it if your rules allow you to have empty starting spots. It is the fantasy equivalent of taking a knee.
  11. My league allows empty spots in your lineup, but in 29 years no one has done so in this situation.
  12. Starting him over Kareem Hunt and hoping for the best!
  13. Need: Mahomes, Kelce, Hardman, and Diggs to outscore: Kyler Murray, Amari Cooper, and Zane Gonzalez by 16.
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