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  1. Almost exactly where I was. Come up with a plan that works for you and execute. Don’t kill yourself over minor setbacks. Good luck!
  2. It is tough though as he said, he is freelance so if he is not in, he's not getting paid. Getting the negative test would probably have been the right call but that is easier to see in hindsight. I would hold up the vaccination card and say "Hey guys, remember how I sneeze every year from March to June". It's a fine line to walk but I honestly see both sides.
  3. I am so relieved this is an honor piece, I was afraid at first he had passed. I knew his birthday was coming up, and what a fitting tribute here from our own poet laureate. SAY HEY!
  4. Yep, already on it. I feel like when I do the PT at home, I do it too fast. PT in office takes awhile and I'm afraid I'm not using proper motion at home. Not sure how many days after surgery will be in office PT, already burned through a bunch of them proving the "conservative" treatment wouldn't work. Unlikely to get an extension so looks like out of pocket for me (well worth it though).
  5. Date | Weight | Chg From Start | Weekly Loss | Calories Nov 27 226.1 Dec 24 212.9 -13.2 Avg daily calories during period: 1523 NEW START DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS TO VALENTINES DAY - GOAL MADE! SUB 200! Dec 26 213.1 -13.0 Avg daily calories during period: 1510 Jan 1 211.2 -14.9 -1.9 Avg daily calories during per
  6. So it is surgery for me. I'm going to Dr. Andrew's clinic and he said the total recovery time after surgery will be 6 to 8 weeks. The way they do it is arthroscopic, freeing the tendons and ligaments from the scar tissue. Then they do a "manipulation" while I'm still out. He said I'll have immediate relief and increased range of motion, but then 6 to 8 weeks of extensive PT. I'm hopeful it doesn't drag on for 6 months, I've already dealt with it for almost 6 months. Looking forward to being able to sleep hopefully.
  7. The one wooohoohoohoo guy kinda ruins this clip I wouldn't say ruin it, but it was definitely annoying and I know exactly where it was without having to click the link again I rewatched that final battle scene again from Endgame last night after watching the clip. What an awesome culmination to a run! I'm hopeful for the next phase.
  8. 196 this morning!!! This is wonderful news! Keep the trend going the right way and don't let small increases get you down if they happen. Keep doing the right thing and you will continue to see the results!
  9. This is just incredible! I'm where you are now, I've lost weight but need to get fitter. I'm getting cardio in but can't do anything because of my shoulder. Even if I'm not using my left arm, if I move it the wrong way it pretty much stops what I'm doing. Getting news from the orthopedic tomorrow so we will see what happens. I'm ready to get in better shape.
  10. It's good to be known for something I'm riding a streak of like 6 times in 8 days, that's almost like a normal person! Fiber increase paying off!
  11. I got chills. I literally got chills as well, so awesome! I hope Phase 4 can keep the momentum going, and I saw what you did there at the end with the 4 Marvel
  12. I guess maintenance but I'm still losing some. Just gonna keep these habits going and if I lose, I lose. My real target was below 190 so as long as I'm floating under that I think I'm good. Waist went from a tight 38 to a good fitting if still a little tight 34. Haven't tried on a jacket due to the pandemic but I'd guess a 42 right now. Thanks for the support!
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