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  1. That is a powerful story and I'm glad you are getting the help you need. Praying for your maintenance program to go well.
  2. The last episode I saw was Rick's "final" episode. Not sure if it is worth binging or not (the past few pages of comments makes me lean "no").
  3. I hate to see you go. FWIW, I don't think Joe was calling you out in particular. I'm not sure why that thread has continued to exist outside of PSF. No one on either side is going to be swayed by a message board "conversation", so I don't engage in them. For Joe's business, this is when they make the most money, so I think he just gets overwhelmed with reports, or then sees comments like that and probably thinks "Let's just shut it down". The reason he doesn't is that is still at its root an amazing community. I do understand you wanting to leave however, when confronted with what just seems like unfathomable ignorance and contempt. The "bad" behavior exists on both sides, and I really do think Social Media is the worst addiction this world has ever seen. It has led to just a complete decay in how people deal with each other, and while we used to call them "keyboard warriors", that mentality has now poured out into real life. I worry about the future.
  4. oh crap!! i just saw that…..ooops Well crap, now I want to know the original title This is the nature vs nurture argument, and like usual I think the answer is both. Some people are just pre-disposed to look at things more negatively, and then compounding it with questionable parenting skills will enhance it. Hopefully it is something she can mature out of. The only advice I can give is to show the child love (not that you give in to any/every demand, but show a genuine interest). It could be the spark that helps her out.
  5. There were three seasons and each one was very good. The Kingpin and Punisher characters were extremely well done and acted and Charlie Cox was great in the lead role. The movie was awful. S1 and S3 of Daredevil were incredible. Vincent D'Onrifio (sp) is tremendous as Kingpin. S2 was also very good but I especially liked 1 and 3. If you haven't checked out the Netflix Marvel series, Jessica Jones season 1 was also really good, and the first half of Luke Cage season 1 was good. Skip Iron Fist. I enjoyed both Punisher seasons, Jon Bernthal is great in that role.
  6. never lie to wong It'd be wong to do that. Sorry I'll see myself out. Trailer was gooooood.
  7. Did you watch the end credits scenes? Some survived, I'll leave it at that
  8. Gotcha. I know of at least one instance where they will break away from that, but don't want to spoil it for anyone. But it will be a huge departure and definitely won't carry over.
  9. Agree, I thought most people knew that going in. I don't want to call it filler, it is just another way to look at Marvel to give writers creative freedoms. Hard to argue with the animation, it is top notch. I'll keep watching but if I don't see it on launch day I'm not worried about it like I was with Wanda and Loki.
  10. This trailer was better than the ones before it. I'll still see it in theaters but my expectations are muted. Looking forward much more to Shang-Chi.
  11. I forgot to post my thoughts on this but I totally agree about this episode being way better. Just a much better story, more humor, interesting cameos. I will admit I got a little choked up at the end credit placard. This isn't a spoiler. You may find the entire concept of the show lazy because it is going to be "what if" every single week. That's why I think these are one offs (or two offs if you will when it is a multi episode show). Meaning, these aren't intended to impact the mainline MCU like the previous shows did (Wanda, Loki, FatWS).
  12. Not much to add but that I'm praying for the welfare of those who are sick and the emotional well being of your son.
  13. Ha! An old rusty machine. Just realized that I dropped off with my daily updates. I did hit my target goal of 185 (185.2 to be exact so close enough) before my birthday on August 10. After the birthday festivities I was 190.8. Currently holding in the 187 - 188 neighborhood, which feels about right. I'll still keep the guardrail of 190 but probably won't drop all the way to 185 again. I hope you are all doing well! I'm joining the Y tomorrow to get some focused weight training on my surgically repaired shoulder. Still missing some range of motion but overall pain free. They also have a spin class I have some friends in so looking to improve my cardio as well.
  14. Legend Sadly, dkeato last visited here over a decade ago. The order website is still up with the listed price of $9.99 for the widow shirt. Sounds like a steal. Update! I clicked add to cart and it looks like inflation has taken the price up to $12.95 for the PTTS shirt. I didn't dare go further lest I accidentally end up with one.
  15. Well you are right 😂 I’m in a serious football league with some other guys here but let me know if you get close to full.
  16. They ranked my draft the worst? No wonder I don't pay for this ####. I went RB heavy (3 of first 4 picks) and got what most people think is a top 5 QB. They said I'm weak at QB and RB and the one RB they do like is the one I think is the biggest bust potential. The strength of the team is WR and the one rookie TE I took. Overall I was middle of the pack with a B+. I think I'll skew closer to the end.
  17. Your 2021 BeatDown Brigade: QB: Dak, T. Lawrence RB: A. Jones, D. Swift, C. Carson, M. Gordon, AJ Dillon, T. Pollard WR: Diggs, Kupp, Chark, Waddle, Shenault TE: Pitts DEF: Ravens Not really digging this team. Dak was on a record breaking pace last year but had a brutal ankle injury. Loaded WRs with a crappy D should give him opps but already playing through a bum shoulder. Lawrence has a ton of upside and they are likely to be behind a lot, giving him opps. Wanted Trey Lance late so good snipe there. I'm not sure I'm sold on Jones, although he was the #5 RB last year. Got his handcuff late. Swift is always hurt. Carson is good while in the lineup but is also hurt. Gordon has competition in a rookie RB in Denver but is good in pass protection and catching the ball out of the backfield. Pollard is a lottery ticket I don't want cashed since I'm a Cowboys fan. Happy with Diggs, could make a run at top WR. Kupp is generally pretty safe in PPR and has a QB upgrade, but that could translate better for Robert Woods. I got Chark and Shenault to hopefully have the top WR in Jax. I really like Waddle as a sleeper. I'm in on Pitts being a generational TE. I think he plays more wideout than inline. Ravens always have a solid if not spectacular D, along with a run first offense that should help keep scores low.
  18. I don't think it was a big deal. I mentioned earlier on when I saw the no starting TE rule that our roster was required to have one on it according to the site. I was like Andy and would have thought the site would have forced roster compliance, but it didn't in the draft. I presume it would make you do so in the regular season. That's the only reason I took Pitts was to have someone who could potentially be useful if I was forced to take up a roster slot with it.
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