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  1. Well....at the last minute based on a homer hunch, I swapped out Darnold and played Wentz. And to quote the eloquent Porky Pig: a badeep a badeep—THATS ALL FOLKS! no playoffs for me...
  2. I don’t have a horse in this race, but my opinion is your OC blew the game. Never let Johnson get into a flow. Every time he got a first down carry he was falling forward for a yard average. Every second down it seems a dumb ### play would be called for the fullback or one of the 13 TEs Detroit uses. Stupid.
  3. Congrats on the win fellas. As an Eagles fan that was enjoyable to see! And as an aside, I’ve always had a soft spot for the old Jets.
  4. In this day and age of instant information regarding fantasy football, my two best weapons to remain competitive year after year (been doing this since 1992) is to use this forum to get insight from other posters closer to situations and DRAFTING COMEBACK PLAYERS. A psychologist could probably explain it better but “recency bias” kills drafters. People hold a grudge on players who have a down year due to injury. Sometimes it’s justified but often it’s not. Andrew Luck helped me out big time this year. Next year I’ll be betting on Wentz. I’m convinced I’ll land him in several leagues at a huge
  5. Super flex FFPC league have Luck, Wentz and Prescott. Christ...my homerism is fighting with my cold rationality. Luck is in and I think I'm stating Wentz over Prescott. For now....
  6. I'm cutting Philly everywhere and had many shares of them. I don't know if you're paying attention but they are all but signing guys off the street for the secondary and they just lost their young up and coming defensive end. Chris Long is shot. And Schwartz has been awful. They aren't generating any pressure or getting turnovers.
  7. I'm contemplating getting cute and playing the Browns over the Rams. Figure the Chargers are gonna be a much better test offensively than the raiders and the cardinals ans because I'm such a degenerate I want some action tonight....
  8. It's a fantasy board right? Who gives a shizza if he's lucky or not. I love Wentz more than any player in my sporting history but Watson is legit too. And he's a fanatsy gold mine.
  9. I posted this in the team thread but seriously, 47 years old and Philly fan all my life. Feel like I'm in the Matrix and I'm witnessing the rise of Neo.
  10. What's your take,on tonight's game? Tight, low scoring affair or a continuation of the fireworks from thanksgiving?
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