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  1. Right now Brady is the reigning GOAT. 10 years from now we may say the same about Mahomes.
  2. I’m all in on Tennessee. They beat them earlier in a high scoring game so who knows? Outside my Eagles, my favorite players to watch are Kittle and Henry. At this point in my life, I’m ambivalent about wether Ried wins. It’s not enough to swing me. And I’m with baby demon, I hate Hill.
  3. Football is something else. A handful of you in here had the Titans with a chance but who could foresee an actual demolition of a one seed by a six?
  4. When it’s clicking its right out of the ‘70s. An awful lot of fun to watch especially King Henry.
  5. Just coming in to say congrats Titans fans! What a win! I made a prediction that the aravens wouldn’t make the super bowl but I didn’t expect this. First the Cheatriots and now knocking off the best team? And in devestating fashio? Amazing! I’m rooting for this team all the way! Signed, Eagles Fan.
  6. I’m more pissed today than yesterday. I can’t believe it. I feel absolutely terrible for Wentz. I’ll be the first to admit that half way through the season I worried that he was damaged goods. That the knee and back injuries were going to rob him of that extra gear and elite skill set he exhibited in 2017. But my God his maturity and grace under pressure have elevated him in my eyes to one of the greatest athletes this town has ever had. No matter how this season turned out, I see only positives for number 11. I know a lot of you can’t stand Mikey Miss but he came totally correct yesterday and echoed what we think in here and totally crushed the fools that called in questioning Wetnz’s Toughness. Thankfully in the 45 minutes I listened, they were the minority. I get we are mad and bummed but that said, I hope Philly fans doesn’t disgrace themselves the way Saints and Vikings fans have acted butthurt the last two years. We are Philly fans. We are used to this sh/t. We all we got—we all we need!
  7. Dude killed three of my teams including my most important home league. That said though, he could be a nice value next year if he falls to second round or even the very end of round one.
  8. Had a conversation with another fan and he attributes part of Wentz’s masterful resurgence with having cancers like Agholor and maybe Jeffrey gone. These young kids look up to Wentz and are playing with a greater energy and trust. I don’t know that any of us would have looked at it like this weeks ago, but Ward, Perkins etc are better ala “addition by subtraction.” But in any case, I think we all agree that there was rot within and now it looks cleaned up.
  9. Aside from obviously hoping for a win, I’m stoked that Ertz is gonna play! Did any of you do the $35 football guys/FFPC playoff challenge? I got the news about Ertz about 5 minutes before rosters locking and immediately put him in at a flex. Risky but it’s the type of move that can help assuming very few people used him. I think you have to have some contrarian picks in these things... I hope he goes off for 10 catches, 110 and 2 TDS 🤣🤣
  10. Not too mention his special teams contributions. The man is a cyborg to play that much AND not get hurt.
  11. Meant to copy my above to this post but they both prove the point quite nicely. why didn’t that copy your post...?
  12. I don’t care what this kid does the rest of his career, this season’s accomplishments should cement him right there with St. Nick for one of the greatest seasons ever. I mean some of this insane fanbase still adores Buddy Ryan above all coaches. Ya know, the coach that never won a playoff game? Wentz deserves to stand with the most beloved of Eagles’ figures of all time!
  13. Goddard (who’s technically the number two TE) was the only skill player (other than Wentz) from week one. Wrap your heads around that...
  14. You know? You’re totally right my man. I mean Lamar is a slam dunk but what Wentz has done is just really remarkable.
  15. Who thinks Doug should be coach of the year? I mean I feel he was owed it for ‘17.
  16. Ya know what would be a cherry on top? For graham to punch out D Bag coming down the tunnel 🤣
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