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  1. Yes, SFB is redraft, both the main and satellites.
  2. My team thru 10 Q- Mahomes/Brady R- Swift/Dobbins/J Williams/Sermon W- Adams/Juju/Boyd T- Fant
  3. If you’re desperate for a spot next year, just shoot me a PM and I’ll do what I can.
  4. My start from the 1 hole through 6 rounds: Mahomes/Brady Swift/J Williams/Dobbins Adams
  5. @miqwsYes, that ADP app will be available again this year.
  6. Love seeing so many 1st timers from FBG in this year's SFB. We definitely focused on making sure some new folks got the chance to play.
  7. Seeing Adams drop already in my ADP. He's down to WR6 (early R2), while Jefferson is WR2 in the mid-1st.
  8. Some of my leagues have double-headers. I'm 22-0 in one of them.
  9. Good discussion here and I agree with both sides. Those Twitter polls are certainly flawed in multiple ways but I also think they have some value for savvy dynasty owners. Dismissing them as recency bias is silly because that is something we should be acting on in our own leagues. Also, I acknowledge the A>B and B>C so A>C is not perfect but it gives us a rough estimate of what the community thinks at that snapshot in time. Oh, and just for you guys... https://twitter.com/RyanMc23/status/1315173631278952450?s=20
  10. This is exactly what happened last year. Situation never got fixed. I canceled service yesterday and signed up for YouTube TV. I think I'm finally done and it feels great!
  11. Had you already canceled? Was service shut off?
  12. Something similar happened with my account. What was the process for making an executive complaint?
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