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  1. Seeing Adams drop already in my ADP. He's down to WR6 (early R2), while Jefferson is WR2 in the mid-1st.
  2. Some of my leagues have double-headers. I'm 22-0 in one of them.
  3. Good discussion here and I agree with both sides. Those Twitter polls are certainly flawed in multiple ways but I also think they have some value for savvy dynasty owners. Dismissing them as recency bias is silly because that is something we should be acting on in our own leagues. Also, I acknowledge the A>B and B>C so A>C is not perfect but it gives us a rough estimate of what the community thinks at that snapshot in time. Oh, and just for you guys... https://twitter.com/RyanMc23/status/1315173631278952450?s=20
  4. This is exactly what happened last year. Situation never got fixed. I canceled service yesterday and signed up for YouTube TV. I think I'm finally done and it feels great!
  5. Had you already canceled? Was service shut off?
  6. Something similar happened with my account. What was the process for making an executive complaint?
  7. If that's a 1QB league, I'd take the 1.05 deal
  8. *Henry/1st for Hopkins *M Sanders/Scott for Henry/Shenault *Henry/Lockett/1st for Hopkins/Jeudy/2nd *L Jackson/Bell for Henry/J Allen *Henry for Kamara *Elliott/Duke Johnson/Jeudy for Henry/OBJ/Cooks *B Scott/1st/1st for Henry/3rd
  9. Introducing the DLF Champions Cup Series! In partnership with Dynasty League Football we bring a new series of dynasty leagues format! Each series is divided into four 12 team leagues (North, East, South, West) Only one team per owner allowed per series Each league like a normal dynasty league with it’s own payouts 1st: $400 2nd: $200 3rd: $100 At the end of 3 years, a Series Champion is crowned and wins the Champions Cup and a Champions Pot of $1000. Scoring for crowning the champion is as follows: League Championship: 4 points League 2nd plac
  10. DLF has this one heavily in favor of the Hunt side. For me, really comes down to the rookies you're looking at dropping from 1.09 to 2.04. Putting names to those picks, per ADP, it looks like this... Tee Higgins, Trubisky, Cole Kmet, 2021 3rd for Hunt, AJ Dillon, 2021 2nd I still think I'd prefer to hold that pick a little longer.
  11. https://dynastyleaguefootball.com/adp-rankings-history/
  12. Who was it here that filed a report with BBB and where there any specific instructions with that? I think it’s time.
  13. Yeah, the real issue with rankings right now (and it's a good problem) is there are so many potential top-tier WRs. Few of the WR1s from the offseason have lost value and then Moore, Sutton, Golladay, etc are moving up. Julio will be the victim. I expect him to fall out of top-15 of offseason ADP.
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