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  1. Late 80's in the rest of the US, early 90s in northern Minnesota where it takes a while for pop culture to work its way to.
  2. Sorry about your sister Joan always leeching off you.
  3. Sorry for the confusion. What is labeled as the dining room we use as a den. What's labeled as a den is a bedroom. The main Deco will stay in the dining room (den) where the current panoramic gateway is.
  4. Already get decent coverage in the one car garage. We've been working on making that a home gym. Put a new window AC unit in there and a couple of treadmills. Also bought a new recombent bike I still need to put together. Got a cheap Fire TV from Amazon in there.
  5. Found a floor plan online which is basically the same as ours. One difference is upstairs we have an open loft area whereas this one added a wall to close off a 4th bedroom. I highlighted where I think I'll put the mesh units assuming I get a 4th for loft. The main unit is in the room called dining room. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ykFq2NtxRndvuuQ19
  6. Master bedroom closet is directly on top of downstairs of her work station if that makes a difference. Not sure how well these signals travel through ceilings/floors.
  7. Nice. So one concern I have. She set up a corner in our master walk in closet to do her school work, mostly so she can have quiet and no one bothers her. If I put one of the mesh units in the closet I wonder how good a signal it will get from the main unit. I'm thinking I might want to buy one more unit. So main unit downstairs in den (converted dining room), 2nd unit around corner and 2 rooms over for her work station, one upstairs in loft to cover loft and 2 kid rooms, and 4th in the master bedroom closet.
  8. DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. ... DOCSIS 3.1 supports blazing speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, a speed only remotely possible with a fiber optic connection up until this point.Feb 17, 2019
  9. Pretty sure the docsis 3.1 supports gigabit but I'll definitely double check. I don't have Ethernet wiring so they will be wireless.
  10. Lee Pace on Halt and Catch Fire was great. But then again pretty much all the cast was great.
  11. If you don't forward to cells can you still use Google voice apps to access the voicemail? How else would you do so? OG landlines wouldn't have voicemail I assume unless you had OG voicemail machine built into base unit?
  12. I've read a little about this. So plug into router and into existing home phones. Then use Google voice number with said phones. Is that the gist of it? Thanks. Obviously a late adapter of alot of this tech.
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