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  1. Maybe I'm in sensitive but my reaction would be "meh". My 16 year old however would be offended. Different generation.
  2. 4-0 run to get our hopes up followed by a string of losses probably.
  3. 37 seconds left in the half? Run out the clock instead of positioning for a FG in a close game.
  4. Not much nuance. Rookies go to taxi squad. Once you promote they can't go back. He hasn't been consistently a decent scorer yet to move him up and lose a little flexibility to add and drop other players.
  5. Went Cobb at first but actually did switch to Gibson. Cooks would be the choice if he had a decent QB.
  6. PPR pick one RB Gibson WR Cooks WR Cobb Others WR Pittman (would have to make room promoting from taxi squad) WR Callaway WR Gordon TE Maxx Williams (TEs get slight bump with 1.5 pts per 10 yards)
  7. Looks like he may be a late bloomer. Looking at Fausts posts it seems he grew 3 inches in just a couple weeks. By the time the draft rolls around he'll be 7'6".
  8. Not sure what that means. Even so, most of the mandates we're talking about have exceptions, including for specific health reasons. If you're doctor gave your employer a valid reason I'm sure an exception could be made in exchange for masking and routine testing.
  9. If your healthcare provider is antivax you're seeing the wrong person.
  10. I had a bad start one year and went with Defenseless Kittens, shortly changing to Offenseless Kittens. Nice little kitten pic for an avatar.
  11. Was going to use Them Crooked TD Vultures for my work league this year but it go cancelled. My dynasty league is called Norris and is in its 16th year. It's made up of 3 fans each of the 4 NFC North teams. My franchise there has been called Hammer of the Gods from the beginning.
  12. Nobody is forcing them. They can decide to be vaccinated and employed or not.
  13. IMO if you truly care about their families you'd require they become vaccinated to protect their health and well being.
  14. The majority of Americans have comorbidities which includes obesity so most qualify as having an underlying health condition.
  15. Not so ridiculous. In fact it's pretty much universally accepted as the law. https://www.forbes.com/advisor/personal-finance/vaccine-mandate-unemployment-eligibility/
  16. Why not? Conservatives want to drug test recipients. Both are examples of poor decision making that harm others.
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