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  1. It's not LOL funny but like someone else said, more heartwarming or whatever. It's worth a watch imo.
  2. Never really got into them. They were the 2nd of 4 bands I saw a couple years back, with Starcrawler opening, then Spoon, then Cage the Elephant, and finally Beck. They were ok. Honestly since then I dived further into Starcrawler but haven't really felt the need to listen to much Spoon. I do like that Underdog tune.
  3. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/pfizer-requests-fda-clearance-vaccine-kids-ages-12-15-n1263649 Hopefully soon. Would be great to get my soon to be 12 year old protected before school starts end of July and they can go back in person and back to sports and other activities.
  4. Saw her in concert years ago with my wife. Amazing voice. She also was a surprise guest at a Foo Fighters concert I went to a few years back: https://youtu.be/d3YfL8e4qec
  5. Latest song from my friend"s sister... https://youtu.be/7d3HJnlpDHA She continues to put out a new song here and there. Was "discovered" by Kanye a few years ago as he heard her in the studio and liked her song so he used it or a different one from her on one of his albums. Her big hit so far is a song from a movie soundtrack: https://youtu.be/dxjt_qCIQs4
  6. We rented for what seems forever. Never felt like we were in the right financial position to buy our first home. In the mid 2000s we watched the bubble grow and grow and got frustrated watching others buy homes that immediately had huge gains on paper and felt left out. Then the bubble popped and we were in a position to get in. Our house was built in 2002-03 for about $260k. It was sold in 2007 for $469k. By 2010 the bubble popped and we bought it on a short sale for $260k. Now Zillow has us at $565k. Don't have as much equity as we could because we did one cash out refi in 2013 to buy new AC
  7. Pfizer is a medical school in the US. Moderna is a medical school in Central America.
  8. Holy crap, you're not kidding. I just looked at Zillow and they have my house up 11% plus in one month! I'd take that and run if i didn't have to just shovel the money right back into another overheated property.
  9. Got the 16 year old their shot yesterday morning. Very smooth outdoor operation in Tempe. Multiple lines and tons of volunteers. Really nice to see so many volunteering and how efficient the process was. I think it was sometime in the last day or two we hit 4 million shots in a day. Hopefully as more and more get the 5G enhancement others will come around and we can start to turn the tide against the wrong headed push to open it all backup and crank up the 4th wave.
  10. Just caught the update. Great news and wishing you the best.
  11. Should have called the Arbor Patrol.
  12. This. I do not want to shackle my kids with long term chronic health issues. Very happy about the 12-15 year old trial news today. My youngest will be 12 in May. I was hearing potential September time frame for shots. Hope it's a little sooner as school starts up here early in AZ the last week of July. After being online for the last year will be nice to send them back in person but would feel alot better if they can get the shots ahead of time.
  13. This only works if vaginas also shrink at the same rate.
  14. I've seen rumors of TB reuniting with his old coach.
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