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  1. At the 4-5 are people taking te and/or top 6 we or just loading up at rb/wr?
  2. Mexico has different rules and was easy. Took family to Mexico in February, and the only test we needed to get was 2 days before returning to US. Had to prove negative test before leaving Mexico. We stayed all inclusive and the resort took care of everything (as most are doing now). We got tested right at the resort, no cost, and results back day of. Was surprisingly easy...
  3. Do the pellet grills always have a Smokey taste, even when you’re just grilling ?
  4. Can you guys play matchmaker for me to help find the perfect grill ? Budget 1-1.5k maybe more and looking to put it into an indoor kitchen I will be putting in this spring. what I have: 20 year old Weber genesis silver b 3 burner which ive had for 20 years loved it but it’s on its last legs. Decent capacity but would look to get a little bigger. Needs to be replaced weber 22.5 Smokey mountain in great condition but I don’t use it as much as I’d like because I have to “get it out” to use. I also sometimes use this as a charcoal grill, but rarely. Willing to sell if it makes sense. Cheap charcoal grill What I want and i know there’s no perfect grill, but all help appreciated. Love the charcoal flavor but want to be able to start a grill up quick for hotdogs for the kids etc/ want the convenience of gas startup want to be able to cook/sear at high temps Also be able to slow cook/smoke liking the new flattop options that are out there liking the pizza ovens that are out there don’t want everything to have a “smoked” flavor but want it available if I do want it. Any help is appreciated from you guys...
  5. I’ve been back and forth between him and Burrow. Was hoping to hear some kind of news this morning to push me one way or another.
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