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  1. Does King Kong Bundy ever get the urge to climb a skyscraper?
  2. Do you think Barney the dinosaur could have survived the ice age?
  3. loved that today what a clueless buffoon so how long is it going to take before he pats himself on the RGIII injury?
  4. If you were trapped in Groundhog Day, how many times in a row would you eat General Tso's chicken for dinner?
  5. good thing we are only on the first page of outlining Romo's PTP disasters. When this gets to 34 pages, then we will talk.
  6. I wonder which number will be larger? The number of INTs Romo throws today or the number of yards Trent Richardson gets tonight?
  7. Do you think male Rabbits can suffer from erectile dysfunction?
  8. We could do a weekly wager to guess how many of his pruhdictzions are right. 20 bucks a week with the person closest getting the money.
  9. Predictions add to the number of correct picks he makes? 35% for me
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