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  1. Have a nice season

  2. MLBrandow> Hi

  3. 5.stars.to.the.greatest.robot.ever

  4. My signed 8X10 of Chris Yandek came in the mail today :stillers:

  5. Saw porkbutt at the mall today. Told him you were looking for him. He says 'hi'.

  6. Saw you on fox news protesting in Madison. Have you lost weight?

  7. Thanks for eating the last of the shrimp cocktail last night :finger:

  8. 47461 quality posts and counting

  9. We may have to escalate our plan regarding St. Louis Bob. Will PM you the details. Big things on the horizon.

  10. Word on the street you need some encouragement. Be thankful you aren't furley. You are welcome GB :thumbup:

  11. I'll be over for dinner round 6. Is Mrs. Furley still making chicken parm? :stillers:

  12. I just farted

  13. Meeting over in the Test Forum tomorrow night. Details at 11.

  14. Despyzer = :deadbanana:

  15. will u b my friend

    yes no maybe

  16. ambien says hi.

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