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  1. Thanks super helpful. She is a no go on any coasters but I know she will love the HP stuff. Hopefully she likes the simulation stuff (she was iffy on that at Disney but that was like 2 years ago).
  2. So the wife just dropped the idea of visiting her great aunt and uncle in Orlando around Christmas as they are getting older. They are in North Orlando and thinking we try to make a run for parks for a couple of days. Actually leaning towards Universal as we can get into the Hardrock for two nights and feel like with unlimited fast passes we could do Universal in three days (understand can use unlmited fast pass on day of checkin). Not sure I have the desire to go into Disney on a quick run as reservations, etc. will all be booked at this point. I haven't been too universal in a long time (like 15+ years) but with kids who will be 12, 9 and 9 seems like they will enjoy it. Though one of my 9 year olds isn't a huge thrill ride person. Am I being crazy about this?
  3. Booked condo and flights for Telluride yesterday! So have the two main trips booked already (Long weekend in VT and week in Telluride). Will probably sprinkle in a few local days as well. Excited for season to start.
  4. Going to need to check this out. I re-read the novels during early stages of Covid when I was sitting around all day.
  5. You mean the minivan that they gave a truck bed. That is modified Honda Odyssey. Not going to argue it may be convenient but don’t tell me it drives great.
  6. Just booked a trip for President's day weekend in VT at Mt. Snow. Looking into trip out West in March at this point and maybe trip upstate NY around Christmas.
  7. I was at Sea-Hear-Now as well. Can't believe I was in the presence of Shuke and didn't even now it.
  8. That is the culture everyone is looking for with a NYC visit
  9. Rich summed it up nicely below. Would add that until I can get my kids vaccinated I would like adults around them to be vaccinated.
  10. Seems like enough got vaccinated to avert any crisis (link below), which makes sense to me since few people are going to risk their jobs over this. As a NYer I fully support this decision and happy if they fire any unvaxed workers. I don't want me or my family cared for by unvaccinated workers creating a risk for me. I am also happy this is happening in my kids schools. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/09/28/world/covid-coronavirus-vaccine/health-care-workers-in-new-york-rush-to-get-vaccinated-averting-a-staffing-crisis
  11. Honestly, I would ditch the park hopper pass and go regularly way. Unless you are really close to EPCOT (staying at Beach club) and you can just walk right in to enjoy evening/dinner there I don't think it is worth it. I find I am so exhausted at a day at the parks that I don't want to go to two parks in a day. If you want to do somoething in the evening just get dinner at one of the resorts as you get a bit of disney experience. Lots of great character meals, etc. you can do by jumping around resorts.
  12. Not surprised - still stupid if they don't want to go to jail.
  13. That sounds like obstruction of justice to me or aiding and abetting a crime . It would be very stupid to arrange something like that for them if they want to stay out of jail.
  14. This area of the country has needed more transmission capacity since the 90s. It never gets built because NIMBY and I doubt that changes.
  15. This is a real issue that people don’t quite understand right now. There is no transmission supply in NYC to bring in enough electricity to basically replace ICE cars. In addition, the massive built out of charging stations to charge all the cars in NYC is immense undertaking. In the suburbs people can charge their car in their driveway. As a New York city dweller I can tell you that solution just doesn’t work and basically every parking spot on the streets on NY will need a charging station.
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