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  1. This area of the country has needed more transmission capacity since the 90s. It never gets built because NIMBY and I doubt that changes.
  2. This is a real issue that people don’t quite understand right now. There is no transmission supply in NYC to bring in enough electricity to basically replace ICE cars. In addition, the massive built out of charging stations to charge all the cars in NYC is immense undertaking. In the suburbs people can charge their car in their driveway. As a New York city dweller I can tell you that solution just doesn’t work and basically every parking spot on the streets on NY will need a charging station.
  3. Elder got something like 47% of vote on the second question re: who to replace Newsom. Seems like the Republican base wants a candidate like that and until they realize that such a candidate has no chance the Republican party is just going to get crushed in statewide elections.
  4. I love their beer and drink it all the time. Though think their only location in NYC is Brooklyn and as much as I love BK (I do live here) not sure it is worth a journey into BK if only here for a weekend and staying in Manhattan.
  5. Still love the city though it is much more open up then at anytime since the beginning of Covid. September/October is the best time of year in the city and don't think it will be any different this year.
  6. No one wants to go back in to that mess other than folks who want to bash the other side. This is just like Syria Kurd mess where Dems bashed Trump for abandoning our allies. That was complete BS. Just like Republicans bashing Biden over pulling the plug is BS.
  7. Nothing changes my mind. We lost this war 15 years ago. We should have left the day after we killed Bin Laden.
  8. This was a very good article. Complete failure from start to finish. 4 Presidents are to blame for this mess with most of blame on Bush. Who was awful.
  9. No one will care about this in 2 weeks. About 65 percent of this country wanted out of that country. Guess what, we are out. Agree it could have been done better but I am with the majority of this country who was done with this complete waste of a war and the sooner out the better. I think in the end being out of there will be better for him with voters but honestly who knows at this point.
  10. Nice, let’s commit genocide to safe some face.
  11. Glad it is over. We should have left a decade ago the day after Bin Laden was killed. I just wish it happened sooner. I credit both Trump and Biden for finally pulling the plug on this mess. A giant waste of money and lives for basically nothing. Wish our leaders had learned from Vietnam but clearly they were to stupid
  12. Reminds me of the fall of the Roman Empire. All great empires come to an end and this virus is showing fissures in our society that weren’t there before.
  13. Just read on NYT website that since all hospitals are full in Louisiana that they are not able to transfer patients out of costal hospitals which is standard operating procedures for a Hurricane. This mix of Covid and a huge Hurricane is downright scary. Stay safe out there folks.
  14. Man I hate trucks and SUVs. They all drive like crap. Guess if you need to haul stuff around I get the flatbed but I just don’t understand these everywhere.
  15. Well currently being out at east end of Long Island I was concerned about this storm but it was actually pretty mild. We didn't even get much rain. Think we might have had the easist pass given rain was mostly focused around the city and land fall ended up being in Rhode Island so winds weren't bad. We never lost power and honestly the utlity out here stinks so it is a shock.
  16. Yeah, everyone is going to buy this if going to DW. I would of course pay the extra since I am flying down there for a vacation given how much the whole trip would cost this increase would be a drop in the pocker (even if a really annoying drop).
  17. Pulled the plug about a week ago on trip to Disneyland at the end of August/early Sept. Was hoping to make it an end of pandemnic surprise for the kids but with unvaccinated kids and Delta just don't feel comfortable at a crowded place like Disney and flights, etc. Only good thing about it was since it was a surprise didn't have to break the bad news to the kids. Think we try this trip next year. Replaced it with a family road trip to Maine and a rented cabin. Not the same but should be fun.
  18. We spent over 2 trillion dollars trying to deal with this issue, which was basically lighting that money on fire. Given it was all debt funded at the end of the day this war will cost like 6 trillion. I want this done with and no way does added security cost at home come close to what we have spent on that country. You will probalby argue 2,500 troops is not a big expense but don't forget we were also basically paying all costs of our Afgan allies in that war. No way should we spend indefinate sums off money and American lives on a pointless exercise that will only be a continual drain.
  19. So what is your end game here? We keep throwing resources into this country indefinately. Afgan govt. didn't hold it together for two months on their own.
  20. I am aware which is why I said "or won't be in near term"
  21. The same doom and gloom was said when Saigon fell. I think I will take my chances on next 20 yrs vs. having american soldiers on the ground for next 20 yrs. No way that govt. stands on its own without us holding it up with money and lives.
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