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  1. Brisco54's post in Rate my team was marked as the answer   
    On the team, you are pretty thin at RB.  I can't tell from your post... how many RB/WR/TE do you start in addition tot he flex?  If you must start 2 RB, you will want to make a WR for RB trade.  
    Strong stable of WR.  A big three of Adams Thomas and Cooks are probable the equal of any team in the league.  Crabtree is a great 1st guy off the bench, and Golladay has a lot of love as a lottery ticket.  I think I would have preferred a 4th RB to a 5th WR though.
    You are one deep at TE, K, & DEF... how does your league handle Byes?  Will you need to drop a player from your roster to fill in those positions during bye weeks?
    There is a lot of info out there to help you make decisions.  Personally, I trust all of them, and yet none of them.  Everybody is right 45-60 percent of the time on their borderline calls.  (e.g. starting Zeke over Crowell is no where close to borderline, but choosing Cooks versus the Raiders or Crabtree vs the Bills week one could go either way)  Rather than find that one piece of perfect advice, I like to look at multiple sources and find consensus.  If 8 of 10 would start Cooks over Crabtree, I will probably starts Cooks.  
    That said, you will probably find one or two authors that seem to be right more often than others and you may find yourself following them more often.  For me that has been John Hansen for Fantasy Guru and Sig Bloom from here. (However, what I find they are better at is identifying talent, so I use them to help plan for my draft, trades, and waiver wire adds ... I have not found them to be any better than others at picking optimal lineups.) 
    One rule on lineups that I do follow is that I never sit my studs unless they are injured or on a bye.  For you that's Zeke, Thomas and Adams.  You ignore matchups when you put them in the lineup.  I don't care if the entire secondary of the opposing team missed the flight to the game, I would not bench Adams or Thomas for a shepherd or a Golladay.
  2. Brisco54's post in Keeper / Draft position Help, WHIR was marked as the answer   
    Sorry for the confusion, but I was focusing on the keeper option that Collins provides for one more year. Now that I look at it, however, I realize I may have misunderstood your keeper rules.  I was thinking Kamara was heading into his third year as your player so would cost a 1st next year.  Oops.
    So I guess, instead what I am saying is that you lose DJ after this year no matter what, so your keeper options for next year are:
    Watson for a 9th, Collins for an 8th, and Kamara for a 6th? (Do you round up or down on the 1/2 round?  If you round down, what do you do about Collins & Watson since both would cost an 8th?)
    Watson for a 9th and Kamara for a 6th plus some player you will draft in the 6th or later round this year.
    If Collins performs anywhere near his current ADP, keeping him for an 8th is a great deal.
    FOR THIS YEAR - I think you are leaving a valuable pick out of your analysis.  For discussions sake, let's assume you will take DJ at 1.03.  The Collins keeper decision becomes:
    DJ + pick 2.1 (Gronk) + Kamara + Watson + a 16th round pick
    DJ + pick 2.10 (+ Kamara + Watson) + Collins 
    Eliminating the common factors to simplify the equation its:
    pick 2.1 + a 16th round pick
    pick 2.10 + Alex Collins 
    At 2.10 you are probably looking at a solid WR (Evans (current ADP pick 2.10), TY Hilton (pick 3.03), Tyreek Hill (pick 3.05), Diggs (pick 3.06), or Amari Cooper (3.09) or a top 3 TE  (Kelce (pick 3.02) or Ertz at 3.10)
    Personally I would not trade Collins plus Amari Cooper (let alone the rest of the above) to get Gronk in a redraft league.  Throw in the fact that you can keep Collins one more year and the decision gets even easier.  
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