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  1. I'd love to pick the Bengals, but Thursday games can be iffy. NO against the Giants.
  2. Venmo sent. Numbers in the Venmo note. It's my usual #s (just haven't played in a bit)
  3. Ram-Bucs is gonna be a shootout. There will be some rushing TDs. Who gets them, and for which team? No idea. Gonna be a great game!
  4. Michel is a no. Javonte is almost flex worthy. And what does Jason Pierre Paul have to do with this
  5. 1/2 PPR Pittman, Uncle Lenny, KJ Osborn, or Gabe Davis at my 2nd flex
  6. The Buffalo Distilling company one, I had to buy that for myself. It doubles as a Bills t-shirt too (at first glance)
  7. The Buffalo Distilling company shirt was so good, I had to buy one myself
  8. Package has been sent to the Land of Cheese. Expected delivery is Thursday.
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