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  1. The Buffalo Distilling company one, I had to buy that for myself. It doubles as a Bills t-shirt too (at first glance)
  2. The Buffalo Distilling company shirt was so good, I had to buy one myself
  3. Package has been sent to the Land of Cheese. Expected delivery is Thursday.
  4. The Mama Cozzi frozen cheese stuffed crust pizzas are THE BEST frozen pizza on the market. And they are $5. Also, all their chocolate is amazing. Also, their Italian sweet cream coffee creamer is amazing. And its only $1.19. the same flavor you get in the brand name is $5. I've been shopping at Aldi's for about 12 years. I've been up and down that store. Agreed that produce is hit or miss.
  5. My in-laws are making this easy for me. They hit up all the breweries and distilleries around here (they are retired with great pensions, just get to galavant around having fun) Already have 2 shirts thanks to them texting me pics of shirts that I might want to get for this (the one was so good, I had to get one myself).
  6. Watermelon crush is good too Watermelon juice Watermelon vodka Sprite Super refreshing
  7. So... Microwaved 2 hotdogs. Along with some day old baked beans. Spread the beans on a tortilla shell. Place hotdogs down. Some american cheese. Mustard. Microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese. Place Clausen on top. Roll up. Bon appetit!
  8. In again. Look forward to this every year. I should have the same info as last year
  9. I don't know... He was getting burned all year in coverage. Out of position in the run game. If he can correct those things, he's gonna be a monster. If....
  10. It's been 2 weeks since my 2nd shot of Pfizer. Setting a reservation for indoor dining tomorrow (for Thursday). This summer is gonna be lit!
  11. As a Bills fan, I'm loving having Cam, Tua, and most likely Wilson being the other QBs in the division.
  12. When you gonna update the spreadsheet? Just worries me when I don't see my name on there
  13. I got Pfizer. No side effects after the 1st shot. 2nd shot.... I took off work the day after my 2nd shot cuz of side effects I heard about from anecdotal stories from people I know and Internet people. Well.... No side effects that day. Just a little tired. Nothing major. So... Go back to work the next day. Whoa.... I was a little tired when I woke up. No biggie. Get to work. Doing my thing. Go to lunch at noon. Eating. And all of a sudden, my whole day started slipping away. I started getting loopy. Foggy. My boss had to drive me home at 1. Slept for 4 hours.
  14. In for this one. Same numbers as my last go round. Will venmo in a minute
  15. I'd be doubting his potential based on Tua not being able to pass the ball more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage
  16. I'm out this round. Let me know when the next one is about to start up
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