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  1. Couldn't one make an argument that the money collected via donations should be subject to taxation? Or, at the very least, the "profit" on that; i.e. any collected donations minus expenditures? Similarly, do churches pay taxes now on interest earned? They must have money sitting somewhere, earning interest/dividends/capital gains.
  2. Fair enough. I disagree with you on it, but at least that makes more sense.
  3. Still a choice, no? Personally, I'd agree that an already earned pension shouldn't be taken away (also, I suspect the law would have something to say about that), but that's not really my point here. You said "Leftist are willing to fight anything that goes against their value system" and I noted that's not at all exclusive to leftists. You, personally, are willing to fight things that go against your value system. At some level, it's an admirable quality, not one to be disparaged, isn't it?
  4. We've been over this dozens of times. They can feed their families easily enough. Show up to work on time, don't call the supervisor an #######, get vaccinated. Or don't and don't work there. It's a choice.
  5. I don't think that's exclusive to "leftists" is it? I mean, you personally went to DC to show your support for some vague allegations of "corrupt elections". You are personally fighting against vaccine and mask mandates imposed by private organizations because they go against your value system.
  6. To be fair, that's probably because they're still working out some bugs over there.
  7. You can discuss whatever you want. As far as I'm concerned, however, espousing the position that gay couples should not be allowed to adopt, or should be subject to greater constraints than straight couples, is intolerant.
  8. I think I'd argue that "tolerance for others" has always been espoused by all, mostly with the caveat that it really means "others should be tolerant of me and people like me". For instance, I don't find many on "the right" very tolerant of LGBTQ rights at all, including right here in these forums (e.g. "gay parents shouldn't be allowed to adopt" just within the last few months), yet those same people want Twitter to exercise no moderation whatsoever. Similarly, many on "the left" want everyone to be tolerant of LGBTQ rights, yet go wildly overboard on the calls for repercussions when said tolerance doesn't happen.
  9. I see where you're going with this, but I don't think he has the mental capacity to distinguish between anything beyond "I won" and "I didn't win / was cheated".
  10. Judge and prosecutor both should offer to postpone the imprisonment for 2 months so she can get fully vaccinated prior.
  11. I generally agree with all of this. For the Gruden situation specifically, I think it's pretty clear that this would likely impact his ability to do his job successfully. Racist/homophobic language is going to affect team morale, free agency, etc., and a coach without the respect of the team is much less likely to be successful. He resigned, but given his mediocre at best performance prior to this, I think this is easily enough for the Raiders to have fired him.
  12. I don't know that I much agree with this take. If my neighbor constantly calls me an #######, I think it's entirely reasonable that he shouldn't get thrown in jail for it (government consequence) even while I refrain from befriending him (private consequence). Taken to a slightly further level, if I'm the local police chief in town, I shouldn't be allowed to throw the neighbor in jail for calling me an #######, but I should still be free to ignore him or otherwise be unfriendly.
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