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  1. What is her role again? Is she an opinion show TV host? Whatever her role is, that's horrid.
  2. I'm all for stores doing this on their own, but legislating it seems over the top.
  3. On a serious note, I'm all for improving jail conditions generally.
  4. I'm not really aware of her, as I haven't lived in NY in ages, but that's really a dumb take on her part.
  5. This can’t be real, right??? Well, there is a book about his handling of the pandemic with his name on it. However, like virtually all politician/athlete/actor books, I would assume there was a ghost writer then he signed off on it. Still seems fair to attribute it to him, though, in the grand scheme of things.
  6. Why do you want to cancel the Cancel Culture thread!?!
  7. I rarely believe politicians. In Trump's case, I usually disbelieve him because he has a history of lying. It's not the "who", it's the "why". That is, when one's justification for believing someone is "because he's the owner" then I expect consistency with regard to that justification.
  8. This is nothing to do with "what about when". It's asking for consistency right now. Do we believe owners or not? It really is hypocritical to state that we should believe owner A because he's the owner but then not believe owner B simply because we don't like what owner B has to say. Personally, I believe Joe when he says the moderators are instructed to be even-handed to "both sides". Why? Because Joe is a stand-up guy and that's a statement of fact; either they are or they aren't so instructed. I don't believe Joe is correct in his assessment of the political slant of the board.
  9. I was referring to global you, conservatives. Sorry, I should have clarified. My fault.
  10. Weird. The owners of Twitter and Facebook say they don't discriminate against conservatives, yet you don't believe them.
  11. To be fair, a lot of the references to December are in response to posts along the lines of "Why can't Democrats just pass a bill with checks and nothing else?"
  12. Isn't there a requirement somewhere that impeachment proceedings take precedence over other business in the Senate? I don't know, but vaguely remember reading this before the ACB confirmation hearings.
  13. No thread on this serial liar yet? Anyone calling for him to step down yet? Lied about plans to attend the Naval Academy? Check Lied about the circumstances of the accident that left him partially paralyzed? Check Lied about his Paralympic training? Check Serial sexual harasser? Check
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