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  1. $25 I'd see that. Maybe one original member left in all of those added up.
  2. Can anyone explain the special dividend? No cash but 1-1 additional shares in the new merged company. Is that right? If so, is that a good deal or just ok? The stocktwits board is crazy excited and that's good enough for me. I only have 350 @$2.18. Not enough free cash to buy a crap ton... But, could be a pretty good win for such a small gambled amount.
  3. I'm in and down on UWMC. I'm holding a bit longer. Everything is getting smashed and I think this will rise soon. I should say I "hope". Can't comment on the others.
  4. 1.33% green today. Feels like 13% after the last week or whatever...
  5. BTC at $54,775. I don't know what it means but it must be good for GBTC. Maybe.
  6. Freerolling 100k now. 437% in a week certainly was nice.
  7. In for 125k WDLF at .0045. Why not? Between this and UNVC my penny stock risk tolerance is now reached. Let's see what happens.
  8. 3000 UNVC @.10 No idea what this is, but that's the way I like it.
  9. Best trade ever. Up $100 already from $248.
  10. I don't understand all of this, but I am putting in a sale for open also. I can't wrap my head around the fee part. Not a rocket ship or anything, but I thought the yield and long term was looking good. I guess I'll have ~2k$ to do something with tomorrow. What looks good?
  11. Hmm interesting. Thanks for the heads up! Will re-read all this after I stuff my self with some turkey.
  12. I own 57.x shares of this. What's going on? A quick google doesn't tell me anything.
  13. Thanks man! I thought bank statements were always needed. Crazy ### mortgage world... I'll hit you up for sure when I pull the trigger.
  14. Will taking a 401k 1-time withdrawal hurt on a refi? The covid relief withdrawal that is. I had to slap a decent chunk of change on a few things last summer that raise my credit usage to a point that put me in a lower credit score range than I would like. Not on weed and hookers. Had to have a plumber dig up the yard to fix a root problem, tree person to fix cause of root and HVAC complete replacement. I'm fine just paying these off as rapidly as possible. Killing 'em off at a decent clip. Thinking about it though I could just take the 401k withdrawal and kill off those expenses and get back to "normal". I think we only have until Jan 31 of this year to tap it. If I live to 80 it will amaze the entire world that knows me. I could then by the weed and hookers, too. I need to refi, but the rates are going to be low next year. All of the repairs will be paid in full by say July or sooner. Knock on wood some other #### doesn't happen. Will the influx of cash and the payoff of other things cause the underwriters to ####? Just spitballing here.
  15. I am keeping mine aggressive. 15+ years to retirement and will just buy into crashing markets. Worked well so far.
  16. Bought a decent sized chunk of ZNGA after a $1 drop. Motley keeps telling me it is on the buy list and figured this was a decent entry price. Any thoughts on this? Planning on this being a long term hold.
  17. What is the general consensus on REIT's here? And if not the worst idea ever what are a few that are decently priced right now. I bought some RC a few months back and with a near 10% pop today I am up 36%. Sort of want to trim, but the yield and price direction say hold. If Todem is correct and Q1 sucks for earnings it would seem high yield REIT's might be a decent play for a bit. And I would bet he is more right. Sitting on a decent wad of cash at the moment. Decent for me at least.
  18. As for NWBO, I think this is just profit taking from the double up this week. The 10 day volume went from 3m to 13m in that time. No bad news anywhere that I can find. This will all hinge on the TLD which will be out 11/20 at the latest. Possibly earlier, but from what I have read they want it all to lead up to a PR release at the SNO conference that is 11/18 - 11/22. The sentiment on the hard to read message boards is to expect a lot of volatility as day traders go to work until that time. I'm holding, but have traded 1000 shares here and there to now play with house money.
  19. Rumor is top line data announcement will be made by end of October. I don't understand all of it, but from what I have read the primary endpoint for the latest phase 3 test was changed and it is expected to easily meet that goal. They already have production agreements and facilities in the US and UK/EU. Their drug, DC-Vax, could potentially be used on all tumors. Now for the crazy. Much like the CYDY... The long holders expect this to get to the 10's soon and longer term into the 100's. It also gets the AF hit pieces and there seems to be occasional manipulation.
  20. I'm just putting this out there and I can't say this is a miracle investment, but just in case there is interest. OTC Pharma again... I had mentioned it once before, but I wasn't sure it was worth anything. A friend recommended NWBO a few months ago and I chunked some change into it. The last two weeks it has taken off. I am just now actually doing research(reading message boards) and there seems to be some excitement. Dare I say CYDY type excitement from June. Cancer treatment that may work on all solid mass tumors seems out there... It is going up with no news as they wait for data lock or unblinding. Very speculative, but just mentioning in case anyone has dealt with this one.
  21. Go fly and see some #### while it's not crowded. Wear a mask. Planes are going to be plenty safe right this minute. Great Wall of China is probably empty or at least not a log jam. The Pyramids would be cool as #### now, too. Of course you may be killed at either because of politics/religion, but now is the time. You can do US based stuff on your own time. Spend that money mother####er!
  22. Does something like Barron's move a needle at all? As far as I know this is the most legit media to mention it. Just curious as it basically just said that the drug helped/promising results. I would have no problem asking for LL if I get hospitalized with this. I want something to work. The Doc's probably wouldn't know what the hell I was asking for, but I would. My investment is tiny compared to most and I was able to trade shares here and there the last few weeks to get my cost down to nearly 0. Started with 530 at $2.82 and that is all I have in the game now. A decent chunk of cash in the account to load up is why I ask. I don''t mind missing out on the sub $.50 at all. I hope you guys buy some boats and houses and ####.
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