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  1. MFL 12-team TE Premium SuperFlex gave Aiyuk got Fant and 2022 3rd
  2. Obviously this discussion is redraft-centric. What about in a Superflex league with a TE bonus at 1.75PPR? Now how do we rank Pitts?
  3. Nope. But you might try to move back a spot or 3 and pick up an extra dart or depth.
  4. No QB has ever played more than 16 years in GB. This would be Rodgers 17th. 🤔
  5. Is there even another FF community? This is where I was born and while I haven't been on as much recently, it's still my go-to place for all things fantasy football. Thanks and congrats for the longevity!
  6. He's missed plenty though, that's why he's still drafting Edge guys. I just think there were better options than a guy recovering from an Achilles rupture. We shall see.
  7. Colts fan, I give them a D. Paye COULD be great but didn't have the sack production in college to warrant being picked at 1.21 Dayo is likely out at least half the year while recovering from a told Achilles. Hard to justify a 2nd. All others won't start unless the TE they grabbed late surprises. Because I hate it means it's likely an A+ 😆
  8. The Packers brass have spent 9 of the last 10 1st rounders on Defense I do believe. And what has it gotten them? Yes, there are good players there, but you don't screw with your HOF QB who's been carrying you by not adding some shiny objects.
  9. Titans pick Elijah Moore WR. Not sure it's at 22, but somewhere in the 1st.
  10. How many TEs have been selected in the top 5 of NFL drafts over the last 25 years? I happen to think Pitts is a generational dude, so not sure we've seen a case study for his slot and ability before.
  11. It's no wonder they haven't had more success. I think your point speaks directly to my point.
  12. One of my favorite follows on Twitter is Bullish on Pitts and especially in a TE-premium league. Said he'd take him 1.01 in that format even with Superflex.
  13. I love Pitts but don't see Atlanta as a great fit. By the time they get him worked into that offense, Ryan will be ready to retire. If I'm Atl, I'm trading down.
  14. Good input. In my particular case, I have Murray and Mayfield. But I also have Kittle and Hockinson. So I fell like I have the flexibility to go Pitts here especially when I think this QB class is overrated. But, was just asking in general. To me, there are a clear group of 5 players in this class with the potential to be #1 in their position. (Lawrence, Pitts, Chase, Wilson and 49ers QB (whoever they select)).
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