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  1. Gentlemen's bet is on! Biased here, but the Rams have a talented roster and will already have a tough time getting to 53.
  2. I think they roll with Hendo (and a healthy thumb), Jones, and Funk. Think they would've made a move for someone like AP already so he can grasp the playbook.
  3. Considering 80% of his 2020 rushing TDs were goal-line carries (including one 2-yarder), I don't agree.
  4. Hey Raiders Haven't tried any DD stuff yet this year. If you look in "Our Forms", there's an Aps discussion board, but it says for DD questions go to the following link: https://sportsguys.zendesk.com/
  5. Thanks for clarifying. SW Michigan is a nice destination, although the specific city of Benton Harbor is not. Breweries and wineries galore. Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Weko Beach in Bridgman, or Warren Dunes State Park beach near Sawyer. I live in Stevensville here.
  6. So in a 20 person league- Draft Kings Classic. There is a minimal weekly payout, but mid and season ending payouts based on cumulative points. Do I play Cash or GPP lineups or a combo of both based on current standings? TIA
  7. Hey Davearn. Good deal! I'm Dragon Fandango. Good luck to you too!
  8. Come join and fill remaining spot. Drafting in 8 hrs. 40s limit per pick.
  9. There is still 1 spot left. Sorry for the link. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  10. https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/wfk9cc3lkbj0k0qf/home Here is the link. H2H. NON-PPR. 92% PAYOUT! 1- $1900 2- $600 3-$250
  11. Fantrax $250 Classic #220 Wednesday 8/26 10:00 PM edt
  12. The only TD Kupp had in the 2nd half of the season against divisional opponents was one vs the Seahawks. So 4 of his 5 TDs against the division last year was in the 1st half of the season, so I see no correlation to what you say to support a TD regression against the division opponents (what the article says).
  13. So this says that Kupp will score 1 TD against divisional opponents when he scored 5 against them last year. OK
  14. Not according to Dodd's with Kupp at WR13 and Woods at WR20.
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