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  1. Most importantly..............will this hinder your ability to forecast/report on the weather?
  2. Thread is useless w/o pics. Some people look good w/ long hair, some short, some both, some not so much.
  3. Dogs are here for a short time, but they pack all the fun that they can into that short time, and are very grateful that "you" are their human.
  4. Cowboys finally cut Taco Charlton yesterday. He was a real burrito.
  5. Tried to make my annual call to DTV to get our credits renewed. Current package is XTRA + 4 TV's + Regional Sports. 55/month credit. Total bill is 113.11 Credit stopped yesterday, so new bill will be 160 Call main customer service line. She offers me "Choice" (down 1 level I believe), and my bill will only go up to 143. I explain that I'm getting less channels, but paying 360 more / year. For someone that has been with you for 13 years, this does not make sense. She say's "no you've only been with us since 2017". I ask here for 11 years worth of my payments back then since I've obviously been sending money to you for no reason. She says this is the best deal that she can offer. I ask for customer retention. 866-595-1331. Get a guy (Victor??) who confirms that I've been w/ them since 2007 and appreciates my business. Appreciates it so much that he's going to give me a 20 credit, but I get to keep my current channel line up. I give him the wife is not going to be happy, the kids tell me I'm old school and use hulu, youtube, etc.......and we'll think of cancelling. He said I'll get with my supervisor and get back with you to see if there is anything we can do to keep you as a customer. How long will this take, and when should I call back and cancel?
  6. I guess the fish under that rig don't get a rest if they want to stay close to their home. I always wondered what it looked like under water in a hurricane.
  7. Wife being a pain in the ###, so me and the boys are cooking out tonight. It's a holiday. I mowed and did land scaping on Saturday and Sunday. 3 Ribeyes just under 16 oz. each (salt / pepper and sear then on the grill for 2/3 each side)......and hopefully medium rare (or as my son says "if you eff up, medium"). twice baked potatoes stuffed mushroom caps (crab) caesar salad corn on the cob. Strawberries and Ice Cream for desert. Margaritas for me and the older, younger can have lime ade and pretend. And then a little CFS on TV.
  8. I've been sick 1 time in my life (that I remember). Flu in 2003. Colds I don't count. Never missed a day of work for illness (mental health to go golfing, yes). Never had cavity. Never been in hospital except for visiting or my birth. I always wondered why I had insurance. THEN I got married. It's amazing at the end of the year how much we spend on doctor appointments, perscriptions, , extra dentist, etc for just her. Luckily both kids got my genes and are rarely sick. And its EVERY YEAR. Neck surgery, back surgery, gall bladder out, appendix out, women's parts out in 2 procedures, ear tubes, something for her nose to stop snoring...........IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!, CPAC sleep study. It's like we're playing operation. I tell her "you've got a lot of empty space inside you".
  9. 53 / none now if we want to talk about my wife....................OMG, anxiety, pain, HBP, female stuff........ it's amazing she has any room in her stomach for food.
  10. Ok, mortgage finance guys, a little help. Home loan at 3.625. 30/year. 7 years into loan. Balance on loan is now 200K (paid off about 50K). Wife has student loans (45K) that we are paying off (about 7 years left @ 600/month) + due to some very stupid decisions she's accumulated a large credit card debt (don't ask, totally different story). House would probably appraise around 320-340 (next door newer house just sold for 425, but newer and larger, but we have a pool, which I'm not sure is a benefit anymore, but I digress). Would it behoove us to do a cash out refinance and take the proceeds and pay off the credit card debt and some of the school loan? I'm 53 and she's 48.
  11. don's ban skeik during weather season, he's my go to...........
  12. We just got back from the 1st floor of our 4 floor building in FW. Tornado was about 25 miles north of here. I complained that if I was going to die, I really didn't want to do it with Stan from Credit or Elizabeth from the marketing department. Tried to stay in my 4th floor NW facing window office, but I got overruled by my boss.
  13. Would think that the dishdasha might not be aerodynamic. Pretty soon Nike will come up with one though, especially with the oil money market over there.
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