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  1. For the record, ethe is down to trading at a 5.5% premium.
  2. Grayscale's gdlc does pretty much the same.
  3. Table tennis is still popular because it was the only sport going for parts of the pandemic. Russian liga leagues run 24/7/365
  4. $MARA not showing up on robinhood.....uh oh. *Looks like it's just because they changed their name this morning to Marathon Digital Holdings. Should update after 11 am at the latest.
  5. +12.23% on the month despite making some of the worst financial decisions of my life. God bless America. Death to the shorts!
  6. I've followed dobbs the last 24 years, ain't no stopping now!
  7. I wouldn't touch until btc price is back where it was in the +55k, a lot of that price expectation is already baked in and there is more than a slight chance btc dips and trades closer to 40k for a while
  8. Queue meme of doge dog pulling up in a lambo and then pulling a pair of those 8 bit shades down over his eyes.
  9. To be honest, "diamond hands" is an exercise of disobedience and ignorance that I out right adore.
  10. Win or lose, I'm just happy to be here for it. That 15% chance of a "gamma squeeze" is worth the price of admission alone... Something big is going to happen between now and the end of March. Today almost seems too obvious so I'm not gonna be on the edge of my seat for it. Even in the worst case scenario, this may still be a catalyst to rid us of that 2 day mandatory settlement period. I don't know if I'm part of the problem, or the solution, but I'm here for it!
  11. Been up since 3am watching the premarket action. By golly, I think you're on to something. It would have already plummeted if it was going to. Currently holding 102 shares at $138.25 average. I'm ready to double my position if given the opportunity.
  12. If Elon can't afford to go to Mars, how the heck am I going to get there?
  13. Musk is, who's wealth is locked up in tesla.
  14. If we can't go to Mars, I don't really have any use for all this money anyways.
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