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  1. In theory, it should work, but when you consider that it's already a trillion dollar asset there is only room for another 8x or so over the next 5 years, imo. 15x I would consider as the absolute moon from where we are now and that's with btc kicking gold to the curb. Will be interesting to see how this energy war plays out as critics have been pushing the narrative of it being one of the more destructive forces of the world economy on nature. I don't have any sort of grasp on the global impact of bitcoin mining.
  2. I'm a fossil fuel denier... My theory is that the earth "bleeds" oil. Makes more sense to me than our entire economy being fueled by dead dinosaurs.
  3. https://twitter.com/Hooter311/status/1328774658250985473?s=19 Hit 63k a whole 4 days early!
  4. Not enough to matter imo. Coinbase has surprisingly weak holdings of actual crypto assets.
  5. Not currently on my radar, but happy to look into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  6. I'm still holding about 100k worth of mara shares. Think another 10k btc price jump is imminent.
  7. I like dodds' fnko idea. It could easily have the same kind of day as TKAT had yesterday some time soon. I just found out that TKAT was an nft related stock yesterday after it jumped 277%. I'm a little behind in reading the thread if it's already been discussed.
  8. Long term hold. US sportsbook industry is still in it's infancy.
  9. Flying into ft Lauderdale the 24th -29th of this month and have absolutely nothing on the itinerary besides picking up a convertible on the 25th from enterprise.
  10. New best game for this old clown... Win with 8 kills and 1603 damage, both highs for me after roughly 2k games. 🥰 Rampart
  11. It's to cover their behinds from people wanting to dabble on the dark net. Which really isn't a thing anymore...
  12. I didn't realize you could with cash app either. Thanks!
  13. A year ago btc dropped 40% in a day...
  14. $63k was my target price for this bull cycle from back in November. If I get there I'm gonna cut bait on my overwhelming position of $MARA. And move a good chunk of that to MSTR and diversify the rest. Holding steady with my gbtc and another smaller crypto plays. I just have mid six figures built up in my mara position and it doesn't need to be sitting somewhere that volitile.
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