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  1. Good luck buddy. I enjoy your posts and hope the best for you.
  2. All four acts of ####ed Up’s Year of the Horse dropped some time in the last little while and hoo boy it’s a journey.
  3. We are here for you Bob. You’ve got this.
  4. The new GY!BE is good. Pretty straightforward though. Not that weird or scary or experimental. Kinda the same ol thing.
  5. Floatie is an extremely claustrophobic listen for those of you who are into that.
  6. KG and LW are both really good albums. They are such a weird band and so prolific that they kind of repeat themselves a lot (which is intentional because they have themes running through their albums) but it’s never dull. I could see people being really annoyed by this band but I think they’re really fun. Hope to get to see them someday if concerts ever return.
  7. Diving into Black Country, New Road’s debut album and so far it’s not what I expected but I’m very very intrigued.
  8. Here Lies Man’s new album is good. Keep seeing Sabbath meets Afrobeat. It’s like if Goat was a little more metal.
  9. I live in Dallas and I still don’t know how Riley Gale died. I assume it was one of two things though. There’s been quite an outpouring of love for him since he passed which is really cool and a little surprising. Guess Power Trip is bigger than I thought, even around here.
  10. I’ll have to check out that Plants and Animals. I can’t recall what I’ve thought of their recent output but I liked their stuff from a while back.
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