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  1. One of the (many) things I love about football over other sports is the importance of the coaches. Major League Baseball managers are almost superfluous with rare exceptions at the tails of best and worst. NBA coaches are more responsible for psychotherapy and group dynamics than Xs and Os in many cases. But in the NFL it’s so clearly about the coaches. I went with 50% for Bill B because that gives him more credit than anyone else. And I think that’s fair.
  2. No disrespect to Sproles, but I hate the idea of his overtaking Tim Brown for anything. And if there were ever an indication of how all-purpose yards was meaningless in the grand scheme of things, it's that Sproles currently rankings 8th.
  3. Carson Wentz played a huge part in the best season in the history of my football fandom. Although he wasn't on the field for the playoffs, the Eagles never would have gotten there (as the No. 1 seed) without Wentz' MVP-caliber play before tearing multiple ligaments. Entering 2018, Wentz is one of three highly divisive but potentially elite fantasy quarterbacks, along with Houston's DeShaun Watson (torn ACL) and Andrew Luck (shoulder). All three, if healthy, can deliver not only No. 1 fantasy value but vie for the overall #1 ranking at the position. Yet, none are surefire bets for health. Luck hasn't thrown a ball of consequence nearly two years, and Watson and Wentz hurt themselves running the ball -- which is a big part of what makes them effective. Focusing back to Wentz, we're not going to get an all clear on his injuries until late in the preseason, at best. Yet fantasy owners seem willing to draft him as their No. 1 and hope for a Week One return. Is that wise? Even if you think Wentz will be healthy and play 16 games, his 2017 stat line screams regression. His touchdown rate (like Watson's) is unsustainable. Will the Eagles increase the pass/run ratio this year in Wentz' third season? Why should/would they break from a Super Bowl winning formula? Where do you stand? Is Wentz a clear No. 1 for you? If so, where would you draft him?
  4. My first fantasy football championship came thanks, in part, to Ed McCaffrey. Now his son is poised to win me titles because too many are worried he's permanently relegated to 3rd down work. That's silly. Christian McCaffrey is not Theo Riddick. He's got the vision, balance, strength, and college experience to dominate in any down and distance. It just so happens McCaffrey is an elite receiver and the Panthers had a veteran running back to help balance things out. With Jonathan Stewart out to pasture (in New York), things looked great for McCaffrey until the team signed C.J. Anderson in free agency. Is Anderson's signing an omen we're looking at 2017 redux? Or are you like me and expecting Anderson to play a role but for McCaffrey to see his touches increase and become the feature back?
  5. Kerryon my wayward son! No team typifies "in search of runners" like the Lions. It's been more than a decade since the Lions had a 1,000-yard rusher. Hard to imagine the same team that gave us Barry Sanders is now incapable of producing a fantasy star at running back. The Lions hope they've broken the curse with the selection of Kerryon Johnson in this year's draft. But Johnson's path is far from assured. LeGarrette Blount signed. Theo Riddick remains. Ameer Abdullah remains (although his spot seems tenuous). And new head coach Matt Patricia is used to a committee approach from his long stint mentoring under Bill Belichick. Yet, on pure talent, Johnson could be the cream that rises to the top. How are you approaching Kerryon this season? Are you willing to lump him into the mix with other rookies like Ronald Jones, Royce Freeman, and Derrius Guice? Or is he a bigger reach because of the Lions' tendencies and the veteran-laden depth chart?
  6. Jimmy Garoppolo is already a legend in spite of starting just seven games in his career. He's 7-0 with a 67% completion rate, 4.4% touchdown rate, a measly 1.8% interception rate, and a phenomenal 8.3 AY/Att. Armed with a hefty contract, he enters his first preseason as a starter and fantasy owners have projected a breakout season for the entire 49ers offense. Yet, Marquise Goodwin's fantasy prospects remain relatively subdued. It seems most are ready to hand the No. 1 role to Pierre Garcon. I'm not. Garcon has always been a compiler, and last year we saw what Goodwin can do with Garoppolo in a feature role. Everyone seems ready to prorate Garoppolo's 5-game stint to make him a top-10 fantasy quarterback. Or to project Jerick McKinnon into an RB1. So why wouldn't we pro-rate Goodwin's 5-game stretch catching passes from Jimmy G? 93 receptions and 1,229 yards would make Goodwin one of the best values on draft day. Even 80% of that returns solid value. Are you dismissive of Goodwin's role? Are you staying quiet so you can snipe him late in drafts? Somewhere in the middle?
  7. Keenan Allen finally had the season we all thought him capable of last year, but I'm left wondering if he has an even better season ahead. Ken Whisenhunt has been a masterful combination with Philip Rivers, and the season-ending loss of Hunter Henry leaves Allen with a monstrous target share all but guaranteed. His injury history always looms, but absent missing games, Allen is on a short list of receivers who could dethrone Antonio Brown in PPR formats. Do you agree or not? And why?
  8. Agreed Joe. I've been wrong on Prescott both years. The first year I was convinced having to start a raw, mid-rounder in place of Romo meant disaster and yet Prescott was a borderline MVP candidate. I assume a full offseason as the established starter in Year 2 would mean greatness, and we know how that turned out. His ADP is so low it's hard not to love Prescott as your QB2 because we know he can deliver elite QB1 numbers under the right circumstances.
  9. Dez Bryant was sent packing. Jason Witten unexpectedly retired. Terrance Williams is still Terrance Williams. Dak Prescott needs playmakers, and Michael Gallup has the opportunity to be among the leading rookies in terms of targets and receptions if he can impress the coaches in the early preseason. Gallup isn't a complete player yet but his film shows a dynamic playmaker with a "my ball" mentality. He's the kind of aggressive receiver Prescott needs to flourish. Allen Hurns, a free agent, could be the team's de facto #1, but Gallup has a much higher upside (higher risk, higher reward). How comfortable are you with Gallup contributing in redraft leagues? Where does he rank for you against other receivers and, more specifically, other rookie receivers? Do you think he can be the Cowboys top pass catcher this season?
  10. No coach is harder to figure out than Bill Belichick when it comes to the running back position. One week's star is the next week's inactive. This offseason was full of surprises, starting with the acquisition of Jeremy Hill. But nothing was as shocking as the Patriots using a 1st round pick on Georgia's Sony Michel. Michel, considered by many the second best prospect on his own college team (paging Nick Chubb), has the dynamism and versatility to fit perfectly into the Patriots swiss-army knife offense. But the rookie must disprove fumbling concerns and contend with a number of veteran ball carriers. Are you comfortable drafting Michel as an RB2? What round would you pounce on the rookie? Can you foresee a situation where Michel becomes the Patriots main ball-carrier? Do you think he'll get an opportunity to replace Dion Lewis' touches?
  11. Alvin Kamara went from an afterthought a year ago in drafts to a consensus top-10 pick this year. The former Tennessee Volunteer was the THIRD Saints running back drafted last year, on average. Behind Mark Ingram. Behind Adrian Peterson. He was the 10th rookie RB drafted, on average. He was the 59th running back drafted. Yet, he became only the 4th rookie running back to post at least 500 yards rushing/receiving in the last 20 years, and his 1500+ yards and 13 touchdowns were good enough for a top-5 finish in every scoring format. This year expectations are sky high, particularly with Mark Ingram facing a 4-game suspension to start the season. So what say you? Are you comfortable drafting Kamara in the middle of the first round? Does your comfort level vary depending on PPR and non-PPR structure? Are you worried about Kamara's high touchdown total last year being unsustainable? Let's hear your thoughts!
  12. Shark Pool! We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack After a hiatus, we're bringing the Player Spotlight threads back to the Shark Pool. For those who are new around here, the Player Spotlights are a main feature of our preseason on the site. They're in-depth looks at key players, including pros and cons, and our staff projections. For years, we also included the best commentary from the Shark Pool. A few years ago, activity in the Pool died down and commentary waned. But, we have confidence in a resurgence. So here's the deal. Discuss your thoughts about the player in question. We'll pick the best comments from the bunch and use them (and give you credit) in the published articles. Thanks! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenyan Drake, RB, Miami Dolphins The Dolphins were reluctant to hand Drake a full workload, but Jay Ajayi wore out his welcome and the Dolphins were left with no choice but to use the former Alabama Crimson Tide runner in a feature role. He flourished late in the season and proved he could handle 20+ touches. Yet, head coach Adam Gase is a tough nut to crack and we're left wondering if Drake will be relegated to a committee role this year; sharing touches with veteran Frank Gore and rookie K. Ballege. What do you think? Will the Dolphins give Drake an opportunity to be a 3-down workhorse? In today's fantasy realm, does Drake need more than 15 touches per game to be a top-25 back?
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