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  1. I was describing our POTUS, so yes.
  2. Why would anyone who doesn't fit Trump's very narrow definition of who he cares about support him? If you are: Black Female Non-Christian LBGTQ Middle class or lower economically Have any health problems Liberal If you are any of the above, Trump doesn't care about you. He only cares about: White Male Christian Straight Wealthy Healthy Conservatives Who kiss his ### 20% of households make over $100,000 per year, so right there we have 80% that shouldn't support Trump. Add in gender, and you
  3. I'll just go ahead and add this as #7 on my list of immoral acts by Trumpublicans This guy really does want to transform the greatest democracy in the world into an authoritarian dictatorship. Do his supporters not see that, or do they, again, just not care because they are on the side with power, and they aren't the ones being threatened with being locked up or beaten up for their political beliefs?
  4. Found these statistics interesting and relevant here: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/02/23/u-s-religious-groups-and-their-political-leanings/ I was a bit surprised to see the diversity of political leanings among the religious. This is the statistic that I had in my head: GOP remains about 73% white Christian So, being religious doesn't automatically mean you're a Republican, but being a Republican pretty much means you're religious, in fact Christian, in fact white Christian.
  5. Yeah, I guess I don't get it. What immoral behavior have you seen out of Democrats lately? If we started a list, I'm pretty sure one would be a WHOLE LOT longer than the other. In fact, here's a quick start to such a list: Immoral acts by Democrats: I'm assuming most Christians would put legalized abortion here, and I'm guessing that could be what you were hinting at? Immoral acts by Republicans: Sexual assault Racism Misogyny Child abuse (family separations) Mocking people with disabilities, victims of sexual assault, etc. Money laundering
  6. I've had this question on my mind the last few days, and found this thread is a good place to pose it: is it immoral to vote for Republicans this November? I was raised in a Catholic, Republican household, and I credit my upbringing (at least in part) with instilling in me a certain moral compass. I'm struggling with how some of my family members who I thought had similar morals are still planning to vote Republican in the mid-terms. To be clear, I firmly believe there is no longer a Republican party that doesn't fully endorse and enable Donald Trump. Together, Trump and his GOP s
  7. A guy who thinks that contraception is abortion is way too extreme to be sitting on the Supreme Court. But yes, he'll probably get there - until Trump is impeached and, if found guilty of treason, the Dems push to annul everything he did while in office. Illegitimate POTUS = 2 illegitimate SCOTUS appointees.
  8. Anyone still think religion isn't dangerous when it creeps into public policy? Might as well put the pope on the Supreme Court and just go full-on Christian theocracy.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Million_Dollar_Paranormal_Challenge
  10. It will happen eventually. The time needed is inversely correlated with the amount of power the GOP has. (BTW, I grew up religious and Republican. I've wised up and left both. )
  11. Except I think it can be changed if he sends a copy of himself down here to Earth so he can sacrifice himself to himself, stay dead for a weekend, and then go back home. It's kind of a like a reboot that's a little easier on us than another global flood.
  12. Yes, the example I gave was his top choice. It's out of state, which is why it's more expensive. He is now down to deciding between 2 in-state schools, but they gave even less in scholarship and so far, the same goose egg on financial aid. It just doesn't seem like all of his hard work in high school is worth a damn. I did call the first school and talked to them for 15-20 minutes. It did not sound like they were low-balling. They gave no indication that there was any chance of more coming.
  13. Well, yes, I was wrong on the above. Now that I am seeing this all play out, it's still bull####, but it's just a different flavor of bull####. With an EFC of around $11,000, and the above need of $34,000, my son is getting exactly zero financial aid. He's been offered subsidized & unsubsidized loans, but those have to be paid back, so basically no real help. This is for a student that has a >4.0 average, AP scholar, 34 on the ACT, athlete, part-time job, community service, etc. What's worse, it looks like even if the EFC were zero, that would only get him a maximum of $5,0
  14. Come to think of it, I bet there won't be a lot of Haitians knocking down the door anytime soon either.
  15. Does Trump really think there are people in Norway that WANT to immigrate to this ####hole country of his?
  16. Yeah, but who you gonna believe here? Durbin or a pathological liar/Twitter troll?
  17. It only took 13 months for him to make 1 intelligent, humble tweet. Merry Christmas!
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