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  1. Yep. First thing that came to mind was Project Veritas. Veritas is latin for "truth".
  2. I'm skipping some parts because this seems mostly dull, but is the idea here that there will be a social media platform where only truth is allowed and anyone trying to push lies, misinformation, etc. gets booted before their crap spreads to others?
  3. Reminded me of this one... Words to memorize, words hypnotize Words make my mouth exercise Words all failed the magic prize Nothing I can say when I'm in your thighs
  4. 1.) Yes. You'll still need a modem. The mesh system is a system of wifi routers that work together, with the first one connected to your modem and the others connected to the first one. 2.) Varies by product (signal power) and your home's layout. Signals traverse interior walls & floors well. I had issues with brick exterior walls. 3.) Range would likely be better depending on above. Speed & reliability should be much better than a router+extender combination. I fought with router+extender combinations for years but have had zero issues since getting mesh (though my satellites are wired due to distance & brick).
  5. Um...you're saying it gets decent coverage now, right, using your Cox gateway which is in the den? With your new setup (dots on your floorplan) there won't be a router in the den anymore. Maybe you should put the third Deco in the den.
  6. I agree with Gianmarco, start with 3 then add a 4th if necessary. Floors and interior walls aren't a big problem. Concrete or brick can be a problem. If you do need a 4th it'll more likely be for the 1-car garage area than the closet. Generally, I would probably avoid putting put them directly above/below each other.
  7. That's great. Make sure they give you one that supports the speed you are paying for. IIRC it seems like some Docsis 3.1 modems don't. Mesh routers should fix your coverage/connectivity issues. Will you be connecting the mesh routers via ethernet cables or wirelessly?
  8. Good info. Wired backhaul over coax works great, too. Near-ethernet speed. Both blow away power lines. Love my MoCA 2.5 network.
  9. How will you know if it "jives" with "elsewhere online"? I mean, if 1% of all FBGers report a bad reaction would that "jive" with elsewhere online? What if only 5% of FBGers visit the politics forum? ETA: Also kinda curious how you estimate the incidence of bad reactions from "elsewere online". 6.58 billion covid vaccination shots have been administered worldwide. Is that part of the estimation of "elswhere online"'s rate of incidence?
  10. I know this one guy who got a COVID vaccine and his arm was kinda sore. Like, not so bad he couldn't do stuff, but he could feel it. And it stayed like that for a long time...like 24 hours or so.
  11. The people who are likely to visit this thread may greatly benefit from the information I posted, especially if it helps them evaluate the credibility of the posts that are sure to follow. How anyone could see that as "polluting" your otherwise unimpeachable thread is beyond me.
  12. Good for Shatner. I'd do it if I were him. Hope they make it back safe and sound.
  13. I ate these regularly as a kid. My cousin's neighbor had a pawpaw tree. Now I haven't had one in 40+ years and don't remember the taste. Now I want one.
  14. Somehow, I always knew watching @hagmania's pigeon game would come back to bite me.
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