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  1. He wasn't popular enough to win in 2020, and (I would expect) he will be even less popular in 2024.
  2. I get the joke, and I like it, but want to clarify I'm referring to post-election data.
  3. FWIW, limited data is available but there appears to have been a larger than usual numbers of people changing their party affiliations. If any group of voters regret who they voted for in that election, it appears to be Trump voters. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/536113-tens-of-thousands-of-voters-drop-republican-affiliation-after-capitol
  4. In terms of being "tactically sound", I suspect that tactic was statistically equivalent to writing in Jourgensen.
  5. I meant East TN in general as a good area for retirement, not any specific town. To answer your curiosity, though, I grew up in the Tri-Cities area.
  6. Unfortunate that took 2 days. There was almost zero chance Pence would do it, but that surely seems like a better path to healing than impeachment. IMO, it'll look good in the history books that they tried that before jumping straight to impeachment. Might look good in some voters' minds, too.
  7. Oops. Posted in the pinned "upgrade" thread before I saw this new one..
  8. Exactly what I was about to post. I voted slightly negative.
  9. I always thought the place I grew up (East TN) would be a good area for retirement. It's beautiful and cheap. If you're considering a sparsely populated area, include potential culture shock in your selection process. Western NC is similarly beautiful, IMO, but I don't know how it compares money-wise. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. @Mr.Pack it could be the same problem I had. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/741380-board-upgrade-tips-faq-in-first-post/?do=findComment&comment=23193421
  11. Good and bad. I do like some of the changes here, especially the quotes being shortened with an option to expand the quoted section if I want to see the entire quote. That's good. Agree with others about wasted horizontal space. Running at 1080p on a desktop inside a thread, the comments section is barely over half the available width. Huge empty bars on the left and right, plus the width consumed by the thread stats, causes each comment to be taller than it would if it used all the width available. Taller comments requires more scrolling.
  12. Same here. Were you able to "expanded mode" turned off? If so, how?
  13. The answers above seriously hurt my head. I've forgotten so much high school math, and my kid will be needing help with stuff just like that very soon.
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