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  1. Is the site working correctly? I can't find the message board.
  2. To extend on that idea, we're at the point where we might need to "normalize" the idea that some will not get vaxxed for bad reasons.
  3. The degree to which it will hurt is still unknown, but it sure can't help.
  4. Has anyone had to reach out to management to get them to tighten up their return-to-office COVID policies? Good/bad responses? I know a lot of the places bringing people back in during the last few months made their decisions based on the situation at that time, but the situation has changed significantly. Delta is going wild in my area.
  5. I'm glad (and envious) hearing these stories of offices tightening up their requirements in response to Delta, new CDC guidance, etc.
  6. From what I've read the vaccine-related myocarditis is rare, not a big deal, and basically goes away on its own in a few days. Fevers aren't great but we know how to handle them. I'd be more concerned about the short & long term effects of COVID than the likelihood of the things you listed. If my kid were old enough I'd get her jabbed right now. ETA: The other COVID concern is even if your kid has zero complications from a COVID infection, he could be the host that spawns a variant worse than Delta. We're all in this together, GB.
  7. Any idea how widespread that tradition is? I grew up in a Christian household but never heard of this until my wife. I assumed it was a Brazilian or Catholic thing, but maybe not.
  8. Yes/no. It does remove an incentive for people to get vaccinated, but I'm not convinced that incentive is still effective at this point. It's not going to sway the remaining anti-vaxxers or the "vaccine hesitant". And even if the incentive were still viable, it might be too late in the most vulnerable places (those with low vaccination rates plus high community spread of Delta variant). So while it does not help the unvaccinated decide to get vaccinated, it should at least help minimize community spread. Believe me, I feel all you guys saying it sucks for vaccinated folks to have to mask up but indoor mask mandates for everyone are probably the only way to get the unvaccinated folks to wear masks. Sucks for us, yes, but we failed to get enough people vaccinated. This is just where we are now.
  9. I'll wait to vote until I can watch the video. Based on the writeup it sounded like the guy wasn't threatening or harassing. When people take on public roles they accept that reactions like this will occur, sometimes positive sometimes negative. It come with the job, especially when the job is to be intentionally devisive and/or inflammatory for TV ratings. I do think the guy should have dropped it when Carlson asked him to stop. I'm leaning toward "Don't encourage it, but ok with it."
  10. I know I'm late to the party and apologize if you've already clarified this, but these two posts seemed incongruent and I'd like to ask about it. This almost comes across as if you won't believe whatever the new data says, so why encourage more data collection?
  11. My wife insists the Christmas tree cannot be taken down until three kings day. I'd like to take it down much sooner. Perhaps if I accuse her of celebrating "stop the steal day" we can move the tree removal up a bit. Thanks, Trump!
  12. Too many folks use it for virtue signaling. It's dumb but inevitably leads to arguments.
  13. One tries to stop the disease, one tried to reach herd immunity via community spread. This isn't apples-to-apples.
  14. Correct. Her public statement is worth reading. She asked the Tennessee Department of Health’s general counsel to draft it, they sent back a statement that was approved by the governor's office, and she sent their language to vaccine providers. This firing was ridiculous. I am extremely angry about what has been going on a Tennessee Department of Health the last few weeks.
  15. LOL. I didn't know (until now) the CN screwup stemmed from a RAID misunderstanding. That's pretty funny. NINJAS!!!!!
  16. I lay down a bottom layer of guacamole first, then cheese then meat. Bottom does not get soggy. Guac & cheese must be room temperature not cold. ETA: Good PSA @ChiefD. I'm going to replace my detectors.
  17. I'm in the same boat and yes it's frustrating as heck.
  18. badge-worthy contribution? https://www.theadminzone.com/threads/invision-4-6-new-feature-achievements-gamification.153871/
  19. Yeah that's what I was thinking, and was why I was kinda concerned that I had basically zero reaction to the 2nd shot. Oh, well. Have to assume it's working.
  20. Tons of pushback at my office as well. In my department all but one person want to continue 100% WFH as we've done for over a year now. Starting next week everyone must be in office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. No vaccination requirement, no mask requirements. At least one person in our group has chosen to remain unvaccinated. Worse yet, since we were all working from home, the owners rented out half of the first floor and shrunk our total workspace so now we'll also have people from other departments crammed into the space that used to be our department. Probably more crowded than pre-Covid. I really don't get it. Ownership thinks we'll collaborate better in person and that people need to interact with other people. I have a kid too young to get the jab, so I'll be masked up for 8 hours a day just to have zoom meetings from that office instead of from home. It just seems so dumb.
  21. Hmm. ETA: A poll. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/796781-the-rewards-of-rejecting-the-lamestream-media/
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