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  1. in a free country you don't need to explain your need to exercise a right. I have a right to own the 3 AR-15s that I have. Whatever I decide to do with them legally is none of anyone's business.
  2. Had a friend post on Facebook the video of Glenn Beck making this ridiculous point. I haven't seen anyone in here suggest we send weapons to the rebels. And I have no idea how a video of a Syrian rebel (likely from years ago) should have any impact on what's going on now. I think most intelligent people realize it's a pretty messy situation with a lot of variables and no ideal solution. But don't let that stop Beck from using fear to make the issue as black and white as possible. I have no clue about whatever Glenn Beck has going around. I'm referring to a Wolf Blitzer video from CNN a few months back. Edit - Found it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEZUraRor1o
  3. I'm sure by now you've all seen the Syrian rebel that cuts the chest of a dead Syrian army member, pulls out his organs, and starts to eat his heart. And these are the people some of you believe we need to send weapons and support to?
  4. Super Meat Boy, The Kid levels. Took me forever to finish.
  5. Kids that aren't spanked typically end up as liberals. That is a good enough reason to spank my child.
  6. I missed this the first time around....
  7. Thanks for this thread. Just downloaded 'Z' last night and I'm loving it. Also got some of the live tracks and they sound killer live.
  8. Never been a big fan of Jack Daniels, but I've been drinking it like crazy lately for some reason.
  9. Five Guys is the best thing to happen to hamburgers in the last 5 years. (for me)
  10. Does the iPad support flash or multitask yet?
  11. @ :08 - :10I can't even get to 1:08 yet! I think he underwent a quick self-lobotomy there. It's around 1;15 the head twitch and it is awesome.Oh that is outstanding. He just goes completely brain dead. Did anyone notice how satisfied he is with himself after he throws the index card into the audience at the end (a la Letterman). Awesome. --> <--What's up with the grunt at 1:31. Turn up the speakers a bit.
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