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  1. stumbled into them this morning and didnt even see this post til after. it really does look much improved, and an enormous improvement for mobile users! thanks footballguys, best in the biz!!
  2. random Q for those who are watchin, is scottie phillips getting any snaps? didnt see him on inactive list but certainly not on teh stat sheet either.
  3. tyrod talor hurt in pregame warmups, herbert started, led opening drive to rushing td also, the 2020 KC chiefs defense is inactive, the 2018 chiefs D has subbed in for today
  4. looks like nyheim will be no more than game script COP guy after all
  5. came in here expecting this thread to be bout 5 miles long crazy out there today
  6. so i saw it's $8 if you've already purchased the draft dominator app seriously though, last year this league dominator app was garbage. thing does not work. anyone out there tryin it this year? does it even work? edit: i saw joe's post above. perhaps the dev team's attention to it improved the league dominator functionality. i love the concept but i literally abandoned it last year.
  7. anybody buyin in dynasty? if so, what offers you makin? seems a decent flyer to me. should be cheap, and while its still bit of a longshot, big payoff potential.
  8. scattered our all in person live draft to online but smaller groups of live gatherings, kinda by friend/family groups, probably 5 smaller groups. Might setup a zoom meeting or something to try and connect the remote sites with some video as well.
  9. i have swift and would gladly take dj moore for him. so that said, from your side, i’d be lookin for more. maybe the 1st is too much to ask but would keep oushing for another big piece.
  10. xenith

    Need TE

    lookin for some breakout candidates at TE, currently have cook, herndon, sternberger, asiasi, after trading off engram thoughts on offering steven sims + nyheim hines (to the team with harmon, also has mack) for mike gesicki (he also has waller, goedert, howard, ian thomas, njoku) sims is probly wr6-8 range for me, hines just flex depth PPR, not TE premium, i'm maybe in position to contend but would need a few breaks in the short term, otherwise i'm still lookin at another year to grow.
  11. crap my bad, wrong window dumass I love this trade for ya to get MUCH younger at qb since you have great wr depth. i'm a huge fan of hill's game but getting watson is a big lift for your team.
  12. i’m on the fence if boone is worth a dynasty bench stash in wait and see mode. if cook does hold out i just don’t see a bell cow running game with mattison. maybe boone gets some volume. what are the thoughts around here?
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