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  1. Yeah, but that's complicated by the fact that everybody in Seuss books is drawn in a funny, cartoonish fashion. I guess the best way to say it is that the slanted eyes, chopsticks, and stereotypical Asian outfit are getting played for laughs (sort of), which is what's rubbing me the wrong way.
  2. I think it's great to teach kids about other cultures. When they're at Dr. Seuss age, it's probably way too soon to start talking to them about the differences between cultures based on the Torah and New Testment vs. cultures based on Confucianism, but teaching them about food habits is a cool and easily-accessible way to help them learn about other ways of doing things. That said, there's a way to do that respectfully and another way to do that xenophobically. It's a close call, but I think the picture in question falls into the "Ha ha look at these weird foreigners" category. It's ve
  3. This is an extremely good point to keep in mind. These various pandemic-related restrictions each come with their own individual sets of costs and benefits. In principle, mask mandates -- or at least voluntary masking -- should be one of the last things to go since it has negligible cost and probably provides at least some benefit. (I'm starting to grow kind of skeptical about the mandate part, but masking is obviously very helpful).
  4. 1. Not really. That's bad and I think illegal in some situations, but it's not cancel culture. 2. Kind of. Generally speaking, we shouldn't include pundits and public intellectuals in this discussion. They're in the take-producing business and they know the rules when they sign up. (It's easy to come up with exceptions to this rule that we can talk about on a case by case basis). 3. Of course. 4. Of course not. I hope the answers to these totally good-faith questions help.
  5. Started War of the Chosen last week, and I think this may have to go down in my own personal ledger as the greatest DLC of all time. At first I didn't care too much for it. XCOM has a strongly inverted difficulty curve to begin with, and this expansion throws a ton of new stuff at you right off the bat, which made the early stages of the game disorienting and possibly a little too hard. Now that I've finally got a decent number of halfway-ranked-up soldiers, magnetic weapons all around, a six-man squad, and so on, it's settling into something close to the optimal difficulty level. (As usua
  6. This sort of thing is completely ubiquitous in higher ed these days -- it's definitely not just Minnesota. Basically any faculty position, any position in the academic affairs side of administration, any position in student affairs, and an assortment of other positions.
  7. I would have agreed with this argument a few months ago, but I don't think I do anymore. Things have changed a lot since January. I agree that it would be silly and irresponsible for people like me -- unvaccinated and no immunity whatsoever to covid -- to stop wearing masks or start hanging out in bars. No argument there. But I don't need any sort of mandate to wear a mask or avoid bars. I've been doing that on my own for a year now. On the other hand, we now have a pretty large chunk of people who are no longer at any serious risk of contracting covid, either because they've bee
  8. This isn't really a "cancel culture" thing, but it's time for another reminder that copyrights last way, way, WAY too long. There's no good reason why the works of Dr. Seuss, Hemingway, Nabakov, etc. aren't in the public domain.
  9. My personal sense is that the rest of the nation is still mentally stuck in January (or November maybe) and hasn't fully grasped how big a deal widespread vaccination is. If I were governor of a state with a mask mandate and various lockdown orders -- both of which I strongly supported a few months ago -- I would not be lifting them yet, but I'd be making plans to do so in the near future. If I were suddenly made governor of a state that didn't have those measures in place, I wouldn't bother spending political capital on them at this point. I'm seeing a lot of this stuck-in-two-months-
  10. Yep, this is fantastic news. We've already gotten a nice uptick in vaccination rates -- hopefully we can really get the floodgates open here soon.
  11. Not sure if this is coincidence or if Abbott knew this was coming, but Biden has apparently now updated the timeline and is saying that we'll have enough vaccines for all adults by the end of May. Remember this time last year, when the sophisticated in-the-know take was that we should be more worried about the flu than covid-19 and people in the FFA were making really regrettable posts about how wild hippos were more dangerous, and then the ground completely shifted under everybody's feet in a matter of weeks? That's what's about to happen again, only in reverse.
  12. If you don't like the Mr. Potato Head story -- and I don't blame you, I would be mortified to have to defend that one too -- you can pick one of a million other examples of progressives picking lame culture war battles. The San Francisco school board is single-handedly keeping the Ben Shapiros of the world in business, and we get some new flavor of the same general topic seemingly every day. That's another gambit that's getting a little stale. "Yeah this may be dumb, but it's just this one dumb person doing this one dumb thing this one time -- why are you snowflakes so triggered do yo
  13. I have no idea how vaccination is going in Texas, but in my state the elderly are already vaccinated. It will be a little while yet before we get through all the people with various comorbidities, but we're getting there. Those aren't really the people we need to be worrying about. This is weird to think about, but as recently as a month or so ago I considered myself to be relatively "low risk" compared to lots of other folks. The situation has changed to the point where a guy like me -- nearly 50 with only one underlying condition (well-controlled asthma) is probably among the higher-risk
  14. Right-wingers do something dumb: "Look at those right-wingers. What a bunch of dummies." Progressives do something dumb: "Look at those right-wingers complaining about that thing we did. What a bunch of snowflakes."
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