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  1. I know this guy gets a bad rap because of how it all ended, but the fact is that Doug Flutie's arm was completely shot that season and the Bills were winning in spite of him. It was the right move.
  2. I would have happily served as a volunteer in any of the various clinical trials for any of the vaccine candidates. My viewpoint hasn't changed -- I'm not interested in trying to jump the queue, but I'll be first in line when the state says I'm eligible (next week as it turns out).
  3. It would probably be good for somebody like @fatguyinalittlecoat to read through that for accuracy and fairness. I'm trying to be fair in describing these camps, but I'm writing as an outsider to both.
  4. People on the left hand side of the political spectrum tend to be split into a "liberal" wing (more centrist) and a "progressive" wing (more left-wing). Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and most other Democrats are liberals, not leftists. People who write for The Nation are progressives, not liberals. I don't want to get too hung up on labels -- some people on the left would prefer to describe themselves as radicals, Marxists, Leftists, or something like that, but I'm just going to toss them all under the term "progressive" because it sounds less confrontational and it's just an e
  5. Oh you sweet summer child. Let's revisit this point in two years.
  6. The science didn't evolve. The CDC was just on the wrong side of science. This isn't Monday morning quarterbacking. A ton of us realized this on our own at the time, and it was posted about at length in the other (good) covid thread.
  7. This is kind of nitpicking and I totally agree with the point you're making, so please take it in that spirit. The woke people hate liberals as much or more than they hate conservatives. That part hasn't seeped into the mainstream yet, but I live on the front lines of this stuff and I see it all the time. Just last week I had to sit through a scholarship interview during which a faculty member and student heaped criticism on liberals -- and the Udall family in particular -- because they've historically supported assimilation as a goal for immigrants and American Indians. Conservatives
  8. My county just dropped down a tier to "everybody with one underlying condition" which puts me in queue (asthma). I'm now signed up to get my first shot on the 11th and the second shot on April 8. That's earlier than I had expected, to be honest.
  9. It's time to knock it off with this strawman. "I think companies should sell a broad array of products" is not the same thing as "Companies should be forced to sell a broad array of products." I know you know the distinction here, and it's been explained to you previously as well.
  10. Because people should generally be free to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they aren't harming others. That's why in most cases it's a good thing that companies sell a variety of products even if their product lines include stuff that I don't want to buy, why it's good that libraries stock a lot of books including books that I have no interest in reading, why it's good that record labels produce a variety of music including music I don't necessarily like, etc. Most of the time, more choice is better and restricting choice is worse. Edit: In other words, it's not really
  11. I went back to GTA5 for quite a while last year for lack of anything better to do, and it holds up pretty well today IMO. Los Santos is still a fantastic game world.
  12. Well, I wear a mask now even when nobody is forcing me to do so, so obviously I'm not opposed to mask wearing as a matter of principle. If a person wants to wear a mask during flu season -- or any other time they feel like it -- that's fine with me. If the CDC recommends wearing a mask during flu season, I'll probably ignore that advice, the same way most of us routinely ignore all sorts of advice from the health and medical professionals during normal times. If my state put a flu season mask mandate on the ballot, I would vote against it. I'm all for compelling people to we
  13. This is exactly right. I was persuaded several years ago the whole "woke" phenomenon is essentially a weird form of a religious awakening. Or, if you're feeling less charitable, it's a cult. Either way, religious fundamentalists have a long, storied history of public shaming and banning ideas that they don't like. As a theist, I was always kind of embarrassed when it was people that I sort of identified with who were engaged in this stuff. It's really kind of refreshing when it's somebody else instead. Not that that actually makes any better of course. Moliere would have field d
  14. With all the recent advances in AI technology, I'm surprised nobody has updated Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio yet to patch in a sense of humor.
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