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  1. So Netflix has apparently fired the employee who leaked internal data about the Chappelle special to Bloomberg. In normal times that wouldn't be terribly interesting -- of course this is the sort of thing that will get a person fired -- but the story in The Verge is just delicious. You owe it to yourself to read the whole thing, but the first paragraph is like the Platonic form of how woke fundamentalism works: https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/15/22728337/netflix-fires-organizer-trans-employee-walkout-dave-chappelle I like this paragraph for two reasons: 1) It crams in all the identity-politics information that a woke person needs to form his or her opinion about who is the hero and who is the villain in this story. The fired employee is presumably trans, but also is black and pregnant. A normal person might wonder why that information is relevant and why it appears in the second sentence of the story, but if you're familiar with woke theology, then you know why it matters. There's a hierarchy of oppression, and this person ranks way up there. In woke theology, that means that we are supposed to side with them no matter what. If you doubt that interpretation, note that the identity politics stuff is presented to the reader before explaining why the person in question was fired. First things come first. Woke people need to know the intersectional identity of the employee so that they can frame the rest of the story appropriately. 2) ". . . asked not to be named for fear of online harassment." Bullying for me, but not for thee. To be clear, I do not need to know who this person is, I deplore online pile-ons, and I'm strongly opposed to doxing and the like. But woke fundamentalists -- like all other fundamentalists -- are bullies at heart. And we all know that bullies are really good at dishing it out and not so good at taking it. Anyway, it's refreshing to see Netflix not give in to an astroturfed outrage story.
  2. This approach still seems like an absolute no-brainer to me. We know that the vaccines are safe, including boosters. So if an adult wants to get a booster, just let them get one. The FDA and whoever else should feel free to wade in with a recommendation, but there's no good justification for having the FDA be a gatekeeper when there are no serious consumer safety issues at play.
  3. As a long-time fan of the NFL, I have to admit that it's been hard for me to adjust to our new reality in which the RB position is severely devalued. Obviously I understand that the days of building your team around an Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Marshall Faulk, etc. are long over, unless you're Dave Gettleman. But when I look at the Bills RBs, I think "Well, I guess that's a serviceable backfield, I suppose, considering how strong the offense is at every other position." It wouldn't have occurred to me to think "Oh, that's a top-5 backfield." But then again, aside from Cleveland, I'm not really sure that the Bills are really much less talented at that position than anybody.
  4. Well, I agree that we should teach multiple points of view on contested issues. You should go back and take that one up with tim.
  5. The 1619 project thinks that double-entry bookkeeping is a product of slavery. It does not need to be a starting point for this conversation.
  6. I agree. That's exactly the experience that I had ~35 years ago when I was enrolled in a public school in the midwest.
  7. I was never taught anything different in schools. I agree strongly with how this topic was taught to me, and how it was taught to my kids.
  8. "Slavery is bad" = not really debatable. "We should regard 1619 as the real founding of America" = super-highly-double-dog-dare-debatable. It's really not that difficult, folks.
  9. Do you think the badness of slavery is legitimately debatable? If not, what are we arguing about? We agree.
  10. Or, to put it differently, I don't think people who defend slavery are intelligent and well-intentioned.
  11. I can really only comment on what my experience was like in school and what my kids' experience was like. I've never personally seen slavery taught as anything other than something that was uncontroversially bad.
  12. "Abortion should be legal in most cases" = contested issue. You will find lots of intelligent, well-intentioned people on both sides of this topic. "Affirmative action should be outlawed" = contested issue. You will find lots of intelligent, well-intentioned people on both sides of this topic. "The US should further restrict immigration from Latin America" = contested issue. You will find lots of intelligent, well-intentioned people on both sides of this topic. "Slavery was bad" = not contested. "The holocaust was bad" = not contested. I don't think you really don't know what a contested issue is.
  13. If folks were doing their jobs correctly in the first place, you wouldn't need intervention by politicians to get them to teach multiple perspectives on contested issues. The politicians are involved because schools aren't doing that.
  14. The public school system is a government entity. Governments at all levels set various standards for what will be taught. The US is a big country, and if you go looking for a ####### doing some ####### thing somewhere in a large industry, you'll be able to find one. That's what this story is.
  15. In conclusion, Nazi Germany was a land of contradictions.
  16. On one hand, Hitler was bad. But on the other hand, who would we compare politicians who we kinda sorta dislike to if not Hitler?
  17. In fairness, this is one of those dynamics where right-wingers are every bit as guilty as progressives. It's a serious problem that doesn't have an easy solution, but I wouldn't say it's a problem that's isolated to just one particular tribe.
  18. Sure, I can see that. But do I really want to work for an employer where I'm afraid of being accused of witchcraft because I didn't turn in enough witches?
  19. I don't play in leagues that feature WRs. Too casual for my tastes. My main league requires that we start 5 OLs and 4 DLs each week. Along with one TE of course, just to keep it interesting.
  20. There's probably a lot to this theory. If it doesn't describe Gruden specifically, it probably does accurately describe more than just a few HCs and GMs. The NFL is hyper-competitive enough that people who harbor some kind of unspoken animus toward gay people, black people, muslim people, etc. probably need to get over it really quickly or they won't be around for long when their team finishes their third consecutive six-wins-or-less season. Then again, that does raise another issue. If Gruden (hypothetically) hates gay people with every fiber of his being, but his outward behavior is indistinguishable from somebody who help positive views toward gay folks, who cares? Why would that rationally matter to an employer?
  21. Did not care for this one. I also watched Aftermath a few days back and came away underwhelmed by that one too. Partly that was because the plot veered off in a very different direction than I expected, but also because the story was just too weird. I'm not going to say that it's awesome or anything, but Level 16 on Netflix is worth a watch. It's one of those movies where you know from the very beginning that there's going to be some sort of twist somewhere along the line because it's just so obviously set up that way, but they do a nice job with it.
  22. I voted "debating/arguing with others" but that's only because there was no "masochism" option.
  23. No joke, I was actually reading the OP and thinking to myself "I'd love to hear what Zow has to say about this." Looking forward to it when you get an opportunity.
  24. I'm pretty sure a Venn diagram of "Cops who pull over a college-aged person for following too closely" and "Cops who smell marijuana so we better search the vehicle" is a single circle. The issue here to me is not so much the public defender as it is the cop. This sounds like a pretextual search that turned up a trivial violation that should never have gone on anybody's record in the first place.
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