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  1. This article makes some good points as far as Fox News viewers go. That said, I honestly don't see how a person could have lived through 2020 and not come away as anti-legacy-media. CNN, Fox News, NYT, etc. have all been spreading fear and misinformation since this thing started. The specific type of fear and misinformation that CNN spreads isn't the same as the fear and misinformation that Fox News spread, but they're qualitatively similar in that people who rely on these kinds of sources for news aren't as well informed as they should be if we had a better-functioning media. The
  2. These are strange examples -- people like me would point to Irish and Italian immigration as exactly what we have in mind when we're talking about the "melting pot" thing (assimilation). Nobody today actually views Irish-Americans or Italian-Americans as actual distinct groups. It's weird even typing out the terms. First generation immigrants, sure. They may or may not speak English, they don't really know our culture, they don't have any of the traditional support structures (like extended family) in place that make life easier for the rest of us. In many cases, but certainly not all
  3. Dear colleagues: I know that a bunch of us got our second Moderna shots yesterday at the same mass vaccination event. I saw many of you there, and I'm glad we're on the cusp of getting back to normal. Also, I understand that the second shot is no joke. If you tell me that you're not feeling well, trust me, I believe you. That said, "I'm having side effects from my vaccine" really isn't a very credible reason for why you're begging out of a Zoom meeting. And it is not lost on me that the timing of all this results in a three day weekend for you. You're not fooling anyone. If y
  4. Remember: never listen to LHUCKS about anything, ever.
  5. A lot of people agree with him, including a ton of people on the left. Every time somebody triumphantly points to "demographics" for why the rise of progressivism and the Democratic party is inevitable, they're making the exact same argument as Carlson. They just don't realize it. (As you know, I support immigration regardless, and I think appeals to demographics when it comes to partisan advantage are mostly bunk.) Edit: Well, I guess it's not the exact same argument. The SJW version is that all the brown people are going to create a permanent Democratic majority, and that's good
  6. I agree. I think you and I are more or less on the same page, or at least in the same general ballpark. I don't have any brilliant ideas for how to convince vaccine-hesitant people to get vaccinated, but I support strong nudges in that direction. And I'm completely fine with schools (for example) requiring them.
  7. In addition to the ideological bias that you pointed out, I've noticed a trend of headlines referencing Trump in stories that don't really involve Trump. The court's conservative majority (such that it is) dates back to Bush, not Trump. But put "Trump" in the headline and you get clicks.
  8. Definitely, yes. My wife and I are going to Boulder, CO in early June with my sister and her boyfriend. This is mainly a hiking trip, but we've already decided that we're going to set aside at least one day for dumb touristy stuff like the Coors brewery. The four of us are fully vaccinated now, so why not?
  9. To be honest, I don't personally know any anti-vaxxers, at least to my knowledge. My guess -- and I feel pretty good about this -- is that most people who are opting against vaccination are doing so for extremely ill-conceived reasons. The regular media hasn't done a good job on this topic, and I assume that places like Facebook and Gateway Pundit or whatever are cesspools of misinformation. That doesn't make a difference to me. This time last year, I felt bad for local business owners who were forced to shut down, but it was the right call. The circumstances we faced were really tha
  10. Well, some high-risk people have opted against vaccination. I support their right to do so at their own risk. They're on their own as far as I'm concerned -- giving people access to schools, churches, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. takes precedence over the health of people who declined vaccination.
  11. I mean, lockdowns really were a massive violation of basic civil rights. And that's okay. In extreme circumstances, this sort of civil rights violation might be justified. We literally enslaved people in the 1940s and forced them to go liberate Europe and conquer Japan, and nobody thinks that was unwarranted. That was a totally fine policy response to a genuine national emergency, but we would not be justified in enslaving people in peacetime. Likewise, covid-19 was a real life national emergency. Lockdowns, social distancing, masks mandates, etc. were all good policy choices to slow
  12. Continue with vaccinations and move on. There's no longer any good argument for lock-downs. Those made sense, and I supported them, when huge swaths of high-risk people were walking around with zero immunity to this virus. That's no longer the case. High-risk people have been vaccinated for some time now, and we're currently giving shots to young and healthy people for whom covid was never a serious threat to start with. Circumstances changed thankfully, and it's time for policy to change with them.
  13. I got Moderna #2 at 8:00 this morning and my shoulder is seriously sore, like it's injured or something. Obviously it's not actually injured -- just commenting. Definitely worse than shot #1. Edit: Went to bed feeling fine. Woke up around 1:00 am feeling awful, specifically chills and a strong headache. At some point I dragged myself out of bed to knock back some powerade and ibuprofen, and now I feel basically okay. I'm working from home today because I'm still a little chilled and it's just better to sit in front of my computer under a blanket instead of being in the office, but I
  14. I agree with everything you just said, but to clarify I don't think @[icon] is an anti-vaxxer. Actually I vaguely remember him posting about getting a shot.
  15. Not a stretch at all. Lots of us, me included, knew in March 2020 that sitting alone on a beach was safe. To this day, the media still has a weird hang-up about beaches. Fear gets clicks, and clicks sell ads. It's definitely intentional.
  16. Also, let's remember the great job the government did with testing and contact tracing. I wish those folks played a larger role in managing my health care.
  17. The mainstream media spent over a year intentionally terrorizing people about going to the beach, variants, whether vaccines reduce covid transmission, etc. I legitimately don't understand how anybody can not have had their confidence in the media completely destroyed. I think Cauvin should probably be convicted. The fact that most of the media also happens to think so is entirely coincidental.
  18. FWIW, I appreciate the work you do as a defense attorney, and I'm confident that your badness as a person is completely independent of your career choice.
  19. Moderna #2 done. On an unrelated note, has anybody else noticed how sleek and user-friendly the Microsoft Office suite is? I just can't stop playing with Excel -- such a great product. I think I might download Internet Explorer this afternoon.
  20. Further evidence that the bill of rights would never get re-ratified today.
  21. This is where I feel the need to defend my counterparts at UVA, which is a truly excellent, world-class university. The folks who you interacted with in admissions or athletics are basically foreigners as far as the academic folks are concerned. We know they work at the same institution that we do, and we may like them, but they're not really peers. Universities are like little cities. Different silos of the same entity don't necessarily see eye to eye. I'm actually part of the weird side. The athletics people are probably pretty normal.
  22. I make sure to tell Tim that he's wrong about something at least weekly. It's my good deed of the day.
  23. That was way too long a post. Gordon Gekko is looking at that and wondering why I couldn't tighten it up a little.
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