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  1. Any chance some version of this can be ready for our first purchase today/tomorrow?Not today. But I can have something up this week, with the possibility that it doesn't happen till this weekend.
  2. Hey guys, as Keerock mentioned in the last post, I PMed him with a site I put together for a work mega millions pool we did last week. The area that users can enter scans and tickets needs some work still, but this could be a good start for a club like this. Here's the URL, take a look and get me some feedback. http://lotto.fozzil.net/3/30/2012/maximize What we could do is grant access to the person purchasing the tickets to be able to upload the scanned images and enter the ticket numbers. It currently can go out and grab the winning numbers every week and save them. It can also se
  3. Chuck Norris wears Jackie Battle underwear

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