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  1. Quick update here for those interested. Got the MRI back and met with a neurologist. Concussion symptoms are still around - momentary and unexpected woozy feeling really - but they are gone as quick as they come. A few seconds and they pass. Neuro says they should be gone in a few more weeks. Numbness or loss of sensation on the left upper lip, left cheek and left upper teeth is still around but seems to be coming back slowly. I think I can feel my left nostril, for example. Black eye is mostly gone and the swelling along with it. Thanks for the concern but I'm a tough SOB that can take
  2. No real dignity to the story, unfortunately. I was outside with my son and horsing around in the snow. I slipped on some ice and faceplanted into the sidewalk. I have a huge black eye, mild concussion that gave me crazy vertigo for a few days, the swelling around my eye is bad enough that it's pressing against a batch of nerves in my cheek and causing some numbness along the cheek, left side of my nose, and left side of my upper lip. i had a MRI today because there is some question of bone(s) broken around the eye socket, cheek, and/or brain pan. i'm mostly feeling like myself except for
  3. Any thoughts from homers on Powell? Big preseason. Tate spoke well of him too. Curious to see if Patricia is really high on him.
  4. Just a head's up for you all. While it's the first of the offseason, it is not the last. Any noteworthy changes can be put in the thread...
  5. i don't think Arians is getting canned. if he leaves AZ it's because of health reasons, right?
  6. i'm strictly August. maybe you were thinking of #1 fan of ghana soccer?
  7. better than the night at 'Hacks when I took a cab with Rudnicki, barfed in it and left my mobile in the backseat. It was an awkward morning conversation shared between the driver and I the next day.
  8. what's the scoop here, guy? 

    1. mr. furley

      mr. furley

      well, ####, i had a long post all written up and somehow clicked off the page and now it's gone


  9. Been losing a lot of socks lately. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?

  10. thinking of squatting on your face when i visit this summer

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