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  1. February 5th he was acquitted. He knew the verdict before the vote was even taken by the Senate. Public health emergency our gov't was declared 1/31. WTF are you talking about him being "too busy trying to fend off a BS impeachment investigation"? Stop apologizing and accepting failures of leadership that costs lives.
  2. It was working fine earlier in the day. We unplugged the TV itself as well as the router separately. No luck. It's very random.
  3. We were having problems with our Samsung Smart TV connecting with our wifi. Fortunately, I still had the old Roku stick able it was able to work. We weren't able to get HBO free access going for us and we hopped over to Hulu for "Devs". I remember reading Garland's novel "The Beach" around the same time I did Irvine Welsh's "Trainspotting". He's done scripts for "28 Days Later" and directed also "Ex Machina". 2 episodes into this new series, I'm interested in it conceptually but it's tough going here. The writing, in particular, is very writer-ly and some of the actors don't know what to do with it.
  4. I'm not sure what you're going for here, honestly. The President had, by 3/6, been denial the seriousness of the situation for weeks and publicly trying to downplay the situation at every turn. This despite a travel restriction and declaring C-19 a public health emergency declared in the country on 1/31. Moreover, of with Joe's poll, more than half who bothered to vote chose 5 or higher and almost 40% chose 7 or higher. (which suggests there were plenty of people alarmed).
  5. Not in January. The alarm bells were going off pretty much everywhere else but Trumpland.
  6. i think it's less about BB adapting and more about McDaniels here. He's going to have to create a scheme that supports Stidham or whomever. As McDaniel is regarded as the heir apparent to BB then it's *really* important to have a plan. The question I'd ask myself if I wanted to go down the rabbit hole: what did the Denver offense look like under McDaniel when he had Tebow? This is what might be a ur-version of what a forward thinking OC and future head coach is planning.
  7. The lead singer is terrific though. Fantastic voice, great style, and super cute. Has she done any solo work?
  8. I think many states would have preferred a cohesive public health strategy offered up by the Feds but from the start instead of the White House saying there wasn't any worry. A coordinated public health strategy - where states could evaluate there needs in real time - for States to put orders in for equipment et al and identify shortfalls, where the Feds could step in, is a sensible strategy. it's not how i would have gone about it but it's a viable on its face. Instead we have a free for all and the White House telling states to "sorrynotsorry".
  9. If the Feds had communicated to the local and state officials this strategy in January then this could work maybe. There was no strategy from the White House aside from downplaying the seriousness of the situation.
  10. i've seen some chatter about how perhaps the federal stockpile was sold to China as part of their reponse to the outbreak. the belief that, despite the advice of experts, there was an opportunity to make some money by the administration and others. China, for its part, needed enough PPE and equipment but they quickly went through their own reserve and were looking. now, if this true, it does explain why the federal response has been so uneven.
  11. I work with schools for a start-up. We're small enough, in terms of team, that we can continue to make payroll mostly. I'm the sales director and we're stalled with schools closed for the quarantine. We're taking a SBA loan as a precaution to keep things running while we wait for schools to resume August/September. We're having to invest in a remote learning and/or online functionality for our live classroom solution. Not ideal but it should help us long term.
  12. Not french-y enough but still delightful.
  13. Taking advantage of the HBO offer during the stay-at-home order. Started the binge watch with "Barry" tonight and enjoying it. Not perfect but still funny. I feel like Henry Winkler's Gene is a cousin of Barry Peppercorn from Arrested Development.
  14. i think the $1200 figure was when the scale and scope of the pandemic in the US was unclear. The White House was proposing quick infusion of cash into the economy mid-March. For perspective, NYC Mayor DeBlasio had ordered bars, restaurants, and theatres shuttered on 3/16. Trump acknowledged on the same day that the outbreak could go into July or August, despite only 6400 confirmed cases nationally. A week later - the same week this "Third phase" was proposed - he was pushing for the Easter "re-opening" despite 64k cases confirmed! Things change fast.
  15. It's an opinion piece instead of a news article. The content of which is hardly a surprise when the intended audience is the National Review. Bruno is full of ideas and opinions but I'm not sure they're ones I'd share in polite society.
  16. It's not that hard actually. Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was designed specifically to exclude China. $28 trillion in trade and business development between 10 planned signatories, which was to be headlined by US and Japan, would have forced economic and trade reforms from China. Details about the TPP can be found here at Foreign Policy. Trump instead withdrew us from TPP with an EO on his first day in office. American consumers have footed the bill with tariffs. We've cut checks to farmers here instead of letting them sell their products overseas. How many months of trade negotiations with Lighthizer and Mnuchin are you prepared to wait before something, anything good to happen? How many times can you listen to Larry Kudlow before realizing his talking utter nonsense? Trump has failed on that front too.
  17. I've never seen Dirty Dancing. I'm as big a fan of Jerry Orbach as the next person but this was not what I expected at all.
  18. Finished "Tiger King" last night. Meh. Like a very poor man's Errol Morris. Growing up in the South, I have come into contact with way too many of those types of people.
  19. We went a few more episodes into "Tiger King" last night. As a documentary, this does feel like it is very Errol Morris in how it's constructing the narrative and playing with the audience. I'm not sure that bothers me but it's an interesting choice. Speaking of homages, we watched "Super 8" last night. I saw it a few years back, forgot most of it, and felt like it was high quality enough to revisit. It still holds up as a very good early film for JJ Abrams. He's such a confident and steady hand with storytelling - written and visual here - that it's a delight still. That said, early criticism of him as someone that tends to imitate rather than innovate is on full display here. He's doing Speilberg - somewhere between CEoTK and ET - here while also throwing some love to Speilberg-y directors like Zemekis and Dante too.
  20. Dog doesn't perish in W & L as near as I can recall. I have seen a few Kelly Reichhardt films and she is an acquired taste, I think. It requires a kind of patience that other auteurs not named Tarkovsky, Bela Tarr or Jarmusch don't ask of the audience.
  21. I can't pronounce this guy's name but he was pretty influential to me.
  22. So the pecking order is Hopkins>Kirk>Fitz>Isabella>Butler? Isabella could be valuable next year if/when Fitz retires. Butler? Let's hope for a change of scenery after getting cut.
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