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  1. I should make it clear that Twentyman's point about the franchise tag seemed to be conditioned on the idea that he wouldn't actually play under it. They'd franchise him only on the path to an extension which, I believe, would mean his actual cap number when all was said and done wouldn't be quite a bit lower than the franchise number.
  2. I heard an interview yesterday or the day before with Tim Twentyman of Lions.com. He said he's come around to the idea of franchising Suh, if necessary, while they try to work out a long term deal. I don't remember exactly all the math he was doing, but the gist of it was that since the cap is taking a fairly large jump and Suh is already included for ~$10 million the actual resulting cap hit from franchising him isn't as onerous as it first seems. He also talked about the cap space they could create if Calvin restructres but I'm not sure if that was part of the equation when he was doing t
  3. I've been a Lions fan for almost 40 years now. My dad and uncle have been fans even longer. We've long suffered. Saturday night we had a little family get-together and I put it out there: "This team doesn't care about the Lambeau history. They're going to beat GB in Week 17 at Lambeau." My dad and uncle have seen so much more Lions suffering than I have that they almost instinctively reached into their pockets and put their money on the table. So now I have a pair of bets riding on Detroit winning in Green Bay for the first time since the invention of the wheel. And I like my chances.
  4. I think Joe Lombardi had Ebron #2 after Watkins on his list of offensive players, but I don't think they had him #2 overall. No link, but I read that somwhere in the last day or so.
  5. I don't mind it. Once Watkins, Evans and Gilbert were off the board I wanted them to trade down a few slots. I'm guessing the 10 slot ended up being a place that nobody really wanted to give up picks to move into. Teams saw the two QBs sliding and figured they could stand pat if they wanted one of them (or at least not have to trade up as high as 10.) Teams that didn't need a QB saw a lot of talent that they could choose from in the mid-teens to mid-twenties and probably didn't feel a need to give up a pick to move up. Dennard or Fuller were probably reaches at 10 compared to Gilbert, as wer
  6. Could they trade up a couple spots for Mike Evans instead of into the top 5 for Watkins?
  7. I think their reasoning for Watkins is that when Calvin goes out of the lineup the offense .... maybe doesn't "stall," exactly .... but something close. Tate should help alleviate some of that, but isn't the whole answer. It seems they think Watkins is. I still think they should stay put or trade down, but I'll understand if at 10 they take Beckham or Ebron instead of the one of the CBs. They've been almost obsessed with taking BPA since Mayhew took over so if they're sitting at 10 and they think it's one of those guys they'll do it. I'd be a lot happier with that than I would if they los
  8. I'm not crazy about that rumor either. I'm hoping it's smokescreen, though I'm not sure what for. If they're going to trade out of their current spot I'd much rather they trade down and collect and extra pick or two. It sounds like there is gold to be mined in the middle rounds of this draft. They have enough holes and need for depth that they should be picking up extra picks, not giving them away. It's tantalizing to think about that offense with Watkins added in, but it's not like he's the missing piece between them and a Super Bowl. They might be in win now mode, but they're more than on
  9. OC at Mercyhurst?? Is that a community college? Who knows, in 6 years with the Saints he had to learn something and he can`t be worse than Linehan. On another note it is not looking good for the draft. Xanders has not been at any interviews or scouting and looks like he will be the next Miami GM. Hard to believe the Lions are going to let the first person who knew what they were doing in the front office walk. It would have been nice to see the Lions be proactive for once and fire Mayhew and promote Xanders. As bad as the Miami situation is, what does it say about the Lions that Xander's w
  10. I don't know what kind of head coach he'll be, but he was my first thought too. Then find some young genius OC/QB guru to run the offense and develop Stafford. I'll take Zimmer and everything he brings to the table over any of these other guys, even with their head coaching experience. I think what the Lions have missed more than anything else -- even more than a real, true franchise QB -- is a leader. They need a Parcells. A Belicheck. A Cowher or a Holmgren. A Reid or a Coughlin. As a fan it just never feels like anyone is quite in charge. Ford, Sr. is a figurehead, but his presence al
  11. Hey Premier, figured I wouldn't muddle up the thread this close to showtime. What you said in your last post about reading as you go is what I did until I got caught up at the end of Season 4. I like the TV threads here too and thought it worked well. Happy watching dude. You're in for a fun ride.

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