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  1. I printed out that Notice to **** This Court etc and dropped it on the chair of a guy with whom I share office space. I put a sticky note on the front: "This lady stopped in while you were out and dropped this off. She wouldn't say who referred her to you but she was adamant that she wanted you to help out her out. Give it a read and then see me and I'll give you her contact info."

    He might be gone for the weekend already, but I'm hoping he gets it off his chair before someone e-mails him the story.

    I've been inconsistent in my Internetting since about January and haven't checked in much here. Hope everyone is doing well in their respective endeavors.

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  2. I heard an interview yesterday or the day before with Tim Twentyman of Lions.com. He said he's come around to the idea of franchising Suh, if necessary, while they try to work out a long term deal. I don't remember exactly all the math he was doing, but the gist of it was that since the cap is taking a fairly large jump and Suh is already included for ~$10 million the actual resulting cap hit from franchising him isn't as onerous as it first seems. He also talked about the cap space they could create if Calvin restructres but I'm not sure if that was part of the equation when he was doing the math on Suh.

    I'm feeling now like they have to re-sign him. Austin deserves a ton of credit for what he did with the D, but he doesn't tackle or cover anyone. The guys who do are made significantly better with Suh on the field. They just are. He improves every level of that defense and I'm not sure there are more than a few guys in the league that you can say that about. You hate to just let one walk away for nothing when you've got one. I'd certainly rather they spend the money to get Suh than let him walk for nothing and give Fairly too much money and watch him slide back into Bad Nick. Also, the alternative is the Lions end up with a ton of cap space -- not a bad thing -- but then they have to spend it properly. It doesn't add up to much if you end up with Charlie V and Ben Gordon.

    Now, whether Suh actually WANTS to come back to Detroit is a different story.

  3. I've been a Lions fan for almost 40 years now. My dad and uncle have been fans even longer. We've long suffered. Saturday night we had a little family get-together and I put it out there: "This team doesn't care about the Lambeau history. They're going to beat GB in Week 17 at Lambeau."

    My dad and uncle have seen so much more Lions suffering than I have that they almost instinctively reached into their pockets and put their money on the table. So now I have a pair of bets riding on Detroit winning in Green Bay for the first time since the invention of the wheel.

    And I like my chances.

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  4. Local radio this morning had a guy on from blessyouboys.com. They were talking yesterday's moves and speculation that the deal for Simon (rather than, say, Latos or Leake) was made at least in part because Simon could be moved to the bullpen if the club ends up able to sign a better starter. Obviously everyone is wondering about Scherzer, but they threw out there that James Shields could be in the mix at a cheaper price.

  5. Don't know much about him myself. Looks like he only makes about $1.5 million and has been a reliever in the past. Maybe he's meant to bolster the bullpen and they're still in on Max or another starter?

    Edit: Appears he's also the subject of a civil lawsuit over an alleged rape and has in the past been acquitted of involuntary manslaughter charges. For whatever all that is worth.

  6. Had a settlement conference this morning on a child porn case where the judge spent about 30 minutes ripping my state's legislature and their ludicrous sentencing guidelines on the charges (10-24 flat time on each count, mandatory consecutive sentences). Made many of the points I've made to prosecutors in essentially begging for deviations. Was pretty cathartic.

    Of course, the only realistic result is that my client may now think there's an 8th amendment issue worth fighting and I'm further away from resolving a case with charges which make trial essentially impossible.

    You should start a thread that you're trying to get someone's charges reduced for this type of crime. I think scooby and Henry Ford's work in the Garner/Ferguson threads have raised the forum's view of attorneys to an unsustainable level.

    Whoah, whoah - I'm making colostomy bag jokes in the Ferguson thread. I think you're thinking of RHE.

    RHE is scoob v2.0, is he not? You were doing good work in the chokehold thread.

    Oh, right, someone told me that before. Well, he's much better at this than I am. I start off patient, get all amped up to argue for awhile, and then end up making snide, rude comments about colostomy bags and hubris. It's a vicious cycle.

    Are you sure you aren't a member of the Michigan legislature?

  7. Good luck Thorn. That process sounds a little like when they make you file a motion to remove a judge from a case .... with the judge you're trying to remove from the case.

    Bittersweet day in DocGonzo Land today.

    Bad news: Just left a status conference where the best deal I'm going to be able to get for my client still puts him at risk of up to 20 years in prison. He was looking at 80, and he's only 21, so a max of 20 is a good deal. But still. 20 years in prison is on the table and, man, that ain't nothing. Hopefully I can convince the judge to sentence him on the low end of the minimum guidelines and the DOC will set him free after a few years. It's a non-violent situation and as long as he behaves himself inside the DOC will probably be quick to release him as soon as he serves his minimum. Trick now is going to be to get that minimum as low in the guidelines range as possible.

    Good news: We settled a civil rights case related to a tasing today and we did it without having to file suit. My co-counsel and I won one of these late last year against a different municipality. That one made the news and a guy a city over who had recently been tased read it and contacted us. We signed him up and sent a demand letter and draft complaint to the insurance carrier. Last time they pretty much ignored our demand letter and we ended up with 3.5 years of litigation and a bunch of attorneys billing a bunch of hours -- just about all of which they eventually had to pay. This time they decided to talk to us pre-litigation and we were able to make a deal. I really like this kid and it felt awesome to call him up and tell him how much money we're about to put in his pocket. They had no business tasing him, and since he was acquitted of the trumped up charges they brought to justify it I think they figured it might be best to get this one over with early.

    Now I get to have a nice IPA and/or bourbon to celebrate and then get ready for a jury pick in the morning. The fun never stops...

  8. I'm representing a young man charged with carrying a concealed weapon. They had him cold and charged him with the felony, but he's got no real record to speak of. Still, it's a gun crime and those are often tough to bargain with this particular prosecutor's office. We make a deal that if he pleads guilty he'll receive no further jail at time of sentencing. So, all told, he's gonna do about 80 days in the county jail. Good deal for him as he was adamant that he'd rather go to prison than do probation.

    So I stress to him at his plea that when all is said and done -- as long as he behaves himself until sentencing -- he'll do 80 days. 80 days. You'll do 80 days. 80. Eight. Zero.

    Today I get the pre-sentence report and recommendation from the probation department. During his pre-sentence interview the probation officer asked him how much time in jail he though would be fair in this case. My guy's answer? "How about six months."

    I read on and there's a copy of a pre-sentence report/rec from his earlier case. Something involving joyriding in a relative's car or something. He takes the car but lets his buddy drive. Cops get behind them, they freak out, crash the car and start running. The cops catch up to the buddy. While they're talking to him on the sidewalk they note that his cell phone keeps ringing and ringing and ringing. The same guy keeps calling over and over again. Officer asks for permission to answer the phone and the buddy tells him to go ahead. Officer answers: "Hello?" My guy: "Hey! Did you get caught!"

    Can't make this stuff up.

  9. Will do. I had a great experience with ATT at my apartment. Switched from Comcast and it was like night and day. But for the past three months they've been a nightmare. When I moved they said they couldn't transfer the old account to the new address but would instead start a brand new account and cancel the old one. I assume this was for the salesman to get a commission out of it but as long as I had service I didn't really care. Then they forgot to cancel my old account and I got a huge bill which took three phone calls and about an hour and a half to get taken care of. Then they cold-called on us at the office and sold us internet service, but failed to show up as scheduled to install so we cancelled and stuck with the provider we have. I was singing their praises for a while, and I'd still use them over Comcast, but I've noticed a downturn in their customer service.

  10. Is anyone here an ATT Uverse customer? I'm reviewing my bills, and something strange showed up. I'd like to see if this "accidental charge" has hit a bunch of other people as well.

    I have ATT internet service but switched a couple months ago to Direct TV for the tube. What should I be looking for?
    A 37 cent charge on your internet bill for no reason.

    I'll keep a lookout on the next bill. They screwed my account up pretty good when I moved a couple months ago so the last two bills have been weird. Next one should be a regular one.

  11. So Tywin basically xeroxes (Mace fetch my quill and papyrus) Robert's pardon to Jorah, and that's all it takes to split khaleesi and him?

    Not thrilled with that but so it goes

    Not sure. He was her best friend. Think many would react the same if they learned their best friend was scheming behind their back for the 1st year of their relationship.

    Danarys seemed to be past forgiveness when he revealed that he informed Robert on her pregnancy, which led to the assassination attempt.

    I always thought it was kind of convenient that the other guy, the one who got kicked out of Joffrey's Kings Guard or whatever, happened to find Daenarys and the bunch right before the assassination attempt with the kid and the ball and the insect thing coming out of it. He got there just in time to help foil that plan. Now he's the dude who gets handed the pardon and moves a notch closer to Daenarys with Mormont gone. Could that whole thing about the Lannisters throwing him out of the Kings Guard be a ruse and he's really just a plant in Daenarys's camp? The Lannisters could have sent him there to be their eyes and ears since the Mormont guy had seemingly stopped spying for Varys/the Lannisters.

  12. Anyone here practice criminal defense in Dekalb County, Missouri or know anyone who does? I've got a small-time weed case that may need to be handled there and before I start cold-calling lawyers in the area I thought I might check in here. Defendant is my cousin's son. Yada yada yada, charged with two Class A misdemeanors related to a small amount of MJ and an infraction for failing to display license plates.

    I was going to call the prosecutor myself and see what they're looking to do, but I'd like to know first whether Missouri is one of those states that treat MJ like heroin, one of those states that treat it like alcohol, or something in between.

  13. At the risk of stating the obvious: one thing I always do before a dep is play opposing counsel with my client. I sit them down in the conference room and I absolutely grill them. It often helps me see where they might be likely to go off on a freestyle tangent and where they're solid. It gives them a sense of "been there done that" when they sit for the real dep and I think that helps them be comfortable and give the best dep they can.

    Dep prep can be huge. It's a great feeling when opposing counsel finishes your client's dep and says to you "he's gonna be a good witness."

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