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  1. A few weeks ago, seeing the trajectory of vaccinations being given, I was sure hospitalizations and deaths would be plummeting by now - disappointed to see it's plateaued, or risen a bit in some places. However, it seems like in most places you need to put in at least some effort to get scheduled, and some places need a lot of effort. The people willing to put in that effort likely have high overlap with people taking the virus seriously, masking, distancing, and being careful not to get it. So it's likely we're still vaccinating the people who are least likely to catch the virus. Un
  2. For mine, the RSU taxes are taken care of by not giving me some of the shares - those shares go to pay taxes on them. So the tax implications when I file are minimal, as the taxes were withheld when the shares vested - it's just paid by not receiving all the vesting shares, instead of paycheck withholdings or something like that. They are reported on my taxes, but the implications at tax time are minimal if I sell right away. If I hold the shares, then I pay taxes on any gains beyond the price I received them at when they vested.
  3. The way RSUs have always worked for me that a certain number of shares are withheld to pay taxes. So if I have 100 RSUs vesting, I may only get 65 deposited into my account, with the other 35 held back for taxes. I always sell them right away, but do not have to.
  4. If you had a BMI right at 30, but wouldn’t consider yourself severely overweight and are generally pretty healthy, would you sign up for a vaccine when BMI 30+ is eligible alongside other pre-existing health conditions? Or would you wait?
  5. Just saw this stat, really remarkable. Vaccination logistics started off rough over the holidays, but we've made so much progress. Should result in hospitalizations and deaths continuing to plummet, even in the face of new variants.
  6. I agree that summer SHOULD be close to normal, at least for the US, when you look at the total number of people, and high percentage of elderly and at risk, who should be vaccinated by then. But I fear it won't be, because we don't have a clear goal. When this all first started, there was a lot of talk about "flattening the curve" - the virus will likely be with us for the long term, and the goal was to make sure the health care system wasn't overwhelmed. But what's the goal now? Among some it seems to be "not a single person should ever catch the virus", and that's not realistic. Without a
  7. Scott Gottlieb is predicting by April we'll have enough vaccines in the US for anyone to be able to get one. Would be pretty amazing. https://twitter.com/SquawkCNBC/status/1358766421531111427
  8. Yes, this is where I am as well. During this current time period we must be careful. But once everyone who wants a vaccine has gotten one, and we're sitting on stockpiles just waiting for arms to go into, then society should go fully back to normal. No special protections for those who choose not to get one.
  9. From a Bloomberg article on the J&J vaccine: March?? I'm sure there's a lot of data analysis that needs to be done to validate safety and effectiveness for emergency use authorization. Is it not possible to work nights and weekends and get this done in 2 weeks? Every day matters here.
  10. And 100% effective against hospitalization and death, and seems to be effective against the new strains. Fantastic news!
  11. Switched to a high deductible health plan with HSA option instead of a PPO - calendar year 2020 was our first year in the new plan. Work has offered 2 different high deductible plans for several years now, but I was gun-shy about making the switch. But during open enrollment just over a year ago, I finally did the math to account for the extra out of pocket costs up to the deductible, factoring in the lower monthly costs and employer contribution to an HSA, and decided it made sense. Also learned about the wonders of HSAs for the first time, and decided to max our contributions. We absolu
  12. A detailed post on the efficacy of various COVID treatments. Full disclosure, I do not know if this guy is credible or not other than his claim he is "the Executive Director for the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF)". Interesting quote: "If everyone in the world took just the fluvoxamine for 14 days after they learned they were COVID positive, our hospitals and ICUs would be nearly empty today."
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