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  1. I feel like they're over-doing it with all the various advantages, it's just too much. The producers were over-thinking it. Maybe they panicked due to the shortened time frame, thought they needed to amp up the twists and rush more out there, more quickly.
  2. Yeah, I'm in a similar place. Late 40's, decent shape but a bit overweight. No other risk factors. Wasn't planning to do it anytime soon, but now thinking maybe I should go ahead. What's the downside, other than maybe feeling a little crappy the next day (since I did after dose #2)?
  3. Oldest is now away at college, youngest will be there in 3 years, so we've started thinking about this. We're considering taking up golf - neither of us had played real golf before, and we both think we'd enjoy it. There are a couple of courses near us that aren't too expensive, figured we could take some lessons to get up to speed.
  4. Coincidentally, the your local epidemiologist substack that @Getzlaf15 linked to below just posted an analysis of this, though based off of CDC data. Sounds like the data shows that delta is not more severe in kids, just more volume due to transmissibility. https://yourlocalepidemiologist.substack.com/p/pediatric-hospitalizations-some-important
  5. Thanks for the info on this, I will try this the next time I need a test. Wife and I were both feeling kinda crappy last week, so we got tested on Friday at a free drive-up facility organized by the county health department. I didn't get my results until yesterday (negative), wife still hasn't gotten hers. I'll just buy a couple of these next time.
  6. Thought I read somewhere that car manufacturers built this in not because customers want it, but to squeeze a little more fuel efficiency and slight better emissions to help meet government regulations.
  7. Thanks for this, will definitely look this up. We really enjoyed the Imagineering Story, as well as the One Day at Disney shorts, love the behind the scenes stuff.
  8. Do you mean this one? https://mobile.twitter.com/JamesSurowiecki/status/1421179077050896386
  9. To me it's not really about herd immunity, just the reality we're going to have to deal with. We'll all get it, vaccinated or not. People who have gotten it before will get it again at some point. Do we lock down... forever? Just never eat out again for the rest of your life? Never travel again? Never again be face to face with someone outside of your household without a mask on? Forever? If a variant emerges that becomes far deadlier for those who are vaccinated, that changes the equation. That may happen, but it may not - it seems to be taken as a foregone conclusion that this is inevitable, but my understanding is that's far from correct. Until there is evidence of such a variant, and as long as vaccines keep you very well protected from serious disease, then we need to shift to learning to live it with rather than keeping anyone from ever getting it.
  10. I'm not really changing any behavior. This disease will be with us permanently, it will never go away. We will all get it at some point, vaccinated or not. If vaccinated, in the vast majority of cases it's like getting a cold, and life can't stop for that. If I had little kids at home, or family members in a high risk category, I would be more cautious. But I don't fall into any of those categories.
  11. I don't think it got vaccines produced any faster,. But the federal government committing massive sums to pre-purchase vaccines before knowing their effectiveness got them to Americans faster, compared to say the EU which delayed and tried negotiating harder on price.
  12. Just finished Little America on Apple TV+, really enjoyed it. 8 short self-contained episodes, each one showing a different American immigrant story, all were very well done.
  13. I tried googling this when I saw your original comment, but couldn't find anything, other than the typical articles about the monthly rotations for every provider. do you have a link with more details? we watch a lot of older series on Hulu.
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