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  1. Deathtrap A Bronx Tale Twelve Angry Men Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (nerve-wracking but couldn't take my eyes away from it) and yeah, I really like Glengarry Glen Ross
  2. didn't realize the Scots were on the same dental plan as the English.
  3. I didn't think that you could be convicted of murder without a body. So that's just TV mob stuff I guess ... "Although murder charges without a corpse are rare, nationally, about 86 percent of no-body murder cases that go to trial result in convictions, compared to all murder cases with conviction rates of 70 percent.Jul 9, 2020" From: No Corpse? No Problem. Notable Murder Convictions Without ... www.aetv.com › real-crime › murder-convictions-without..
  4. oh damn ..."The Americans" is awesome. we are way late to the party on "American Vandal" but loving it ...pretty damn hilarious.
  5. a reminder. ETA: oh crap ...already posted - sorry, got ahead of myself getting through the thread apologies.
  6. For those interested - this is a review of the events presentation made by ERCOT on Feb. 24 to their Board. http://www.ercot.com/content/wcm/key_documents_lists/225373/Urgent_Board_of_Directors_Meeting_2-24-2021.pdf
  7. agree. however, I would put it on a loop if the other choice was "Hot-Blooded"
  8. ETA: cool - I had some questions but see you answered a lot prior.
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