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  1. I know that you've been wondering If i'm the same man inside Never tried to fool you 'cause i've got nothing to hide I gave you fair warning i could never be tied down 'til i've seen paradise with my very own eyes Love owns us all, time owns us all, life owns us all But the world doesn't own me Dontcha follow me now I ain't afraid to say i may have been wrong I have to go now I'd rather live by a dream than live by a lie And that's why There ain't no cure for what i've got baby We just have to suffer I feel no pain, i can't complain, Things could always be rough
  2. total agreement ...giant Mott the Hoople fan here. people forget how big ...and how influential they were.
  3. Pretty good class. The man himself doesn't care. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame reveals its 2021 Inductees, celebrating the most diverse list of Inductees in the history of the organization. They are: Performer Category: Tina Turner Carole King The Go-Go’s JAY-Z Foo Fighters Todd Rundgren Early Influence Award: Kraftwerk Charley Patton Gil Scott-Heron Musical Excellence Award: LL Cool J Billy Preston Randy Rhoads Ahmet Ertegun Award: Clarence Avant
  4. Based on Dan's experience I am now feeling like my 87 yr old MIL who believes you should never get on the innerwebs.
  5. exactly. We use it because we started there back in '98. Most of the guys are not tech savvy and some of them have to be reminded of how to do certain things in the system ...every year. The idea of changing scares the hell out of them. Setting up our weekly 2 rd FAAB and then FCFS waivers a few years ago was gut-wretching. I half-panic every year that I will make a mistake in carrying the rules/new dates over correctly. Their ADP. omg. They update it every 14-15 days ...that's fine ...until mid-August when things start changing even more - almost daily. I have made a reque
  6. *old man yells at clouds ... yeah, I got it. It's not that, these guys have been gigantic,non-responsive a-holes for years. Check the site - it's just one clue to their concern about responding to customer concern. An AOL chat board in 1996 was better.
  7. ughhhh ... *** This is a system-generated Email - DO NOT REPLY to this! *** Instead, click on the following link to view your original question and answer: My Support Tickets From there, you may reply to this ticket again, if necessary. Replying to this email directly will guarantee a delay in our response to any follow-up questions you might have. This is day 2 of my question/request. Understand this is the second email I have received on my question. I got the initial automated response within minutes.
  8. I switched over after the Rory thing, but don't think I saw the John Pak thing you're talking about. What did he do? I'm pretty into no BS, be respectful victory stuff ...especially golf.
  9. damn, Cos ...that was like 1957 ...in the South next.
  10. So how do I watch this thing? It looks like it was on CNN.
  11. that looks godawful ... I mean it couldn't look worse kind of awful.
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