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  1. yeah, the music is more arguable - though from my perspective, they still are heads and above in terms of their long term influence but where I was coming from was the cultural phenomena they were. Nothing ...I mean nothing compares. Elvis was huge, he doesn't compare.
  2. they all sound like they would be popular with the teens - maybe a change of pace with the chicken casserole with a ton of cheese and croutons? https://www.tastycasseroles.com/swiss-cheese-chicken-stuffing-casserole/ there's a ton of variations of this out there - we use a full pound of swiss and chop the chicken breast into pieces ...maybe another can of chicken soup too. The key is the amount of additional "cheesy goop" that's in there.
  3. I find that the people who talk about the cultural importance of the Beatles being overrated wasn't there at the time. I'm sure those people are out there - just typically doesn't seem to be the case.
  4. wow - you all have amazing restraint ...not only is that lady an #####, it's also the responsibility of the person seating people. I could not have let that go. That's on me babe.
  5. yes - call the new customer number that is advertised for new customers.
  6. You shouldn't be getting a winback offer ...you should be out of their system and qualify for all the "new customer" deals. I don't think you're trying very hard.
  7. Myrna Tellingheusen @PearlsFromMyrna ยท 11m I don't need your "spooktacular savings." I have a coupon.
  8. pretty sure my list would kick ### ...but I lost my spreadsheet somehow - I only have it after the first couple of picks now
  9. man ...I don't know what to tell you other than based on my experience with those people - you don't want the winback department. you want to be a new customer and talk to the new customer department. If you have to send your equipment back (which I had to this last time - do that).
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