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  1. love you man so disappointed for you ... sounds like the plan for a monkey ####in a football ...
  2. those pocket and button pocket are like K Mart '70s throwbacks. just drop into your nearest VFW and you'll see plenty - is that the look now ...really? and those deep, below mid-chest placket (that thing were the buttons are) - direct from 1975 pretty gross
  3. still possible ...but that bogey was bogus man.
  4. What’s this? Looks good. raw ground pork - the German version of steak tartare
  5. meh, the Germans eat a version of steak tartare using raw pork.
  6. I don't think that guy needs any substance assistance to lead an "indica lifestyle"
  7. Are the rankings the same on these? Whose rankings are they? Didn't Dodds used to do the excel VBD rankings? anyone? Moderator - help please
  8. I am sad. I want this guy to suceed ...but sorry man ..not doing $25/lb hot dogs
  9. I took it far enough that I saw the "shipping will be calculated at next step" I chose not to enter all my CC info in order to see how much the shipping was ...plus, from experience - when they have to calculate shipping ...it ain't cheap.
  10. The dog (casing) snaps or pops when you bite into it Its not mushy or soft yeah, we can't find natural casing dogs/sausages anywhere around. Those things look really good and actually have me considering dropping $55 for 4lbs of hot dogs - anyone go far enough to see how much their shipping is? So now we're talking ...what ...$17-$18/lb for hot dogs?
  11. nice choice on the dinner restaurants - are you getting any word on the restaurant August these days since the Besh Debacle? may also want to work in Susan Spicer's Bayona for lunch (only open on Friday's now for lunch) - and get the Smoked Duck "PB and J" (Lunch) Cashew butter, pepper jelly, apple-celery salad, wild flour multigrain.
  12. geezus you are a brave dude SLB ...I don't know how many people would want a photo after that kind of experience. that said, @offdee needs to get you out of those "2 for $100" Vision Express glasses.
  13. she won't touch a concussion. is the PCP afraid of being sued - is there some kind of unusual level of risk for PCPs in just seeing a patient with suspected concussion - sorry man, this is all messed up ...I still equate doctors with the hippocratic oath
  14. sweet - crazy how much they look like Adidas Stan Smiths (without the little bit of green trim on the heel) I have a pair I bought in the mid-70s still that are in really good shape.
  15. Really liking it this year ...but over the past few days - it has Trey Lance being drafted in the 5th round - every. draft. How can we get this fixed?
  16. we always called them coach shorts - sometimes softball shorts.
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