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  1. If Boub prefers this route I could help with caretaking.Sure. I do want to be in this league but my time is torn apart now. There is a good chance I can return in 2016 after I get really used to the full time/over time in my career now. A boubcheese owner partner team is completely fine with me. I can help cheese this year sometimes and then be a half/half owner in 2016.
  2. Received. I am so sorry for the delay. I won't go deep into the backstory but I am teaching again after a long health issue prevented full time work. Particularly at the school I am currently working, I just don't have a ton of free time to devote myself to this league to the standard it deserves. Best of luck to everyone.
  3. I am fine but my life now is super busy. I will drop out of this league but I will send Spartan pay for 2014 and 2015 this week.
  4. Looks like I am in win now mode. I have Gary Sanchez, Javier Baez, Gregory Polanco, Jonathan Singleton, Jameson Taillon, Matthew Wisler, Kyle Crick, Kevin Gausman, Kyle Zimmer and Dylan Bundy available. I am also willing to move my young major leaguers in the right deal. I will be looking at some possible trades tomorrow and maybe throw some offers out there.
  5. No problem, think I have another offer up there... Interested in Buxton quite a bit, just trying to tear down and rebuild the team a bit and get some younger hitters. It was hard for me to give up Russell particularly since I am convinced he will stay at SS for most of his career. I good deal for both sides I think.
  6. I am at a possible crossroads with my roster and I could make moves to compete this year. I am open to moving prospects to solidify my pitching staff with at least one starter and a couple closers. I would want pitchers who will be near their "prime" for the next 3 years. I am more willing to move prospect arms for arms but I am open to discussing some of my hitting prospects (not named Javier unless we are talking something major). I can't move anyone seeing major league time unless a replacement is involved in the trade. So you can send me offers or simply let me know if you are willing
  7. So far so good... Dempster is back as expected exercising his player option. Ramirez declines his mutual option looking for a multi year deal and should net the Cubs at least a supplemental pick in next years draft. Shark's option was declined and the Cubs can sign him to a $2.24M deal. It looks like Selig will decide the compensation for Theo and I read the compensation going to the Padres will be decided after the rule 5 draft. As expected, Reed Johnson, Grabow, Lopez, and Ortiz are free agents. Garza, Soto, Baker, Wells, Hill, and DeWitt are arbitration eligible. Of course, who will be
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