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  1. If you start playing start/sit roulette with a player like McFadden, you're obviously going to get burned sooner or later. Especially this week. Consider... The Pit run D isn't what it used to be... Polamalu, Harrison not 100% Casey Hampton is 70 yrs old and slightly overweight, Ziggy Hood, not impressing me Timmons likely to be suspended for helmet to chin on Sanchez ** But the topper... The Steelers ALWAYS struggle in Oakland. ** a bit of hyperbole, but who knows with Goodell
  2. ya bc its such a challenge to beat up on the browns and bengals defenses.and lol at thinking postseason qb rating is meaningful. You don't think potseason QB Rating means anything? I wouldn't say it's the be all end all, but I think it should be part of a discussion... When were the Browns in the postseason last? 2003? That wasn't Ben. What team do you follow? Just curious...
  3. As a pure passer, no doubt. But as a fit for a team, Ben is fine where he's at and I doubt you'd get a majority of takers if you could swap Rivers for Big Ben...from either perspective.HoF, I agree he gets in if he has a handful more years amassing the numbers he is currently.
  4. Honestly...you guys deserve it. Soak it up. If the Browns win next week I will officially stop referring to your team as "Clowns" for a full year. GO BROWNS!
  5. Congrats Browns, way to go. Great game and Hillis won my game single handedly... But I hope this isn't a repeat of the previous 2 weeks... Browns go in and upset the Saints --> Saints get pissed --> Steelers come to town the next week --> get caught in a hornets nest --> there is much lamentation in Pittsburgh-land. Browns beat Pats --> Pats get pissed --> Steelers play them the next week --> ??? --> ???
  6. Fly Flyers Fly On the road to the Stanley Cup!!! One more game buddies!!
  7. My opinion of Flacco and his situation is as follows... - Not asked to do much (which is the right thing to do by his coaches) - Has a superior O-line (Can sit in the pocket for 7-8 seconds sometimes, not running for his life) - Has a better than avg run game - Is cool and composed under pressure situations (doesn't sh#% the bed) - Has a good, strong arm - Will get better over time How much better, I don't know. But frankly he's already better than I thought (hoped) he would be coming outta Delaware directly to starting in the NFL. Ravens found a keeper at QB.
  8. Think there's a chance of this? Rivers is not getting it done...zero % chance.OK I was just wondering if I could make a shark move and get a starting QB. Rivers is killing me
  9. Think there's a chance of this? Rivers is not getting it done...
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