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  1. I'm visiting US Stadium Week 1 (September 8th against Atlanta) would love to know about the tailgating situation. Do you have one? Can I buy into it? Talk to me Goose.
  2. How funny was it to see CSI promote their 3 series crossover, "A case so big it takes 3 episodes to solve"? 3 episodes? After you've seen the wire you can't watch another cop show again.
  3. market in los angeles beach communities still a-ok i bid list on a house 3 months ago and it went 10% over list closed on a different house last month, paid list. according to reports LA beach prices is up 4.3% from last year i have spoken to my realtor and we will list my current house 20% over the price we bought in 2005
  4. this whole on-demand really kind of sucks for forums doesnt? it really was a lot better when we all could talk about an episode after it aired instead of having to zoom past spoilers.
  5. the kid who shot omar was NOT the kid who was stealing cars- he was that little kid was calling that one kid a gump and who got the crap kicked out of him. he was the kid who stole the stash in season 4 and blamed the cops and then michael came in and beat him. omar dead-
  6. man the mcnulty is smart like a fox huh? is that reporter guy going down because of the marine interview he did? it would be ironic if the only time the reporter actually interviews a guy, that guy completely lies to him and the reporter is caught in a bad story. I mean the marine guy gave lots of easily checkable facts.
  7. just made a bid for a house... beach property in los angeles. offered 5% less than list... and i didnt get it, went to someone w/ a "substanialy higher offer" take it for what its worth-
  8. I thought they got him last night, when Prop Joe said "My nephew?" and Marlo nodded, Joe then rubbed his face in disgust and said something like that he never was too bright.Or do you think that was Joe asking who gave him up?I thought he was asking Marlo if if he took Cheez out yet. But you bring up a good point. Hmmmmm.....not sure about that now.Of course Joe was asking if Cheese was the one who gave him up. Why do you think Snoop and Chris gave Hungry Man to Cheese all duct taped and practically with a bow on him? Then Chris says, "A present from Marlo. You get a gift...you give a gift." T
  9. My Buddy lives out in LA, bought a Home 2004. 2 Bedroom ranch out by the dessert with maybe a thousand sqft, MAYBE. I was something just ridiculous like almost a Million. Had to take a First and Second out to buy the same home. After losing out on the first 7 or so houses, they massively overbid to get it.yeah, buying on the east side is bad..lots of forclosures out there toowest side prices are down but there isnt that much inventoryin 2005 we just went to an open house, found the place we liked and went through the listing agent. sat there by the fax machine in his office and matched th
  10. just put in an offer on house here in los angeles...we offered 10% less than list- we will be the 3rd offer in 2005 we bought our house in LA and had to go ver 11% over list...15 offers
  11. amy ryan is up for an oscar. she plays mcnultys girlfriend on the show. i kind of reconized her on the promos but wasnt 100% sure till 2nites episode.
  12. Wow...i have chills. Its getting real, real good. cheez has to be on the way out- slim charles...what will he do? does anyone here like marlo like we cared about avon and stringer bell? or all we just waiting till marlo gets his?
  13. watching butchie die... i couldnt help but think back to Unforgiven that look clint gives when he finds out that morgan freeman's character got killed by gene hackman's sheriff
  14. i can not wait, ill be checking after i watch it 2nite...
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