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  1. I would play. But, being a Bucs fan, I would only do it if I had the Bucs. Sorry.
  2. The links just take me to ESPN. Is there any way to share the rosters?
  3. I can draft for you as well. I teach and have time. Skbatmen@aol.com
  4. In your description, what does TS mean?
  5. Going into the season, he’s top five. Especially when you consider WHO your RB1 will be.
  6. My question is this.... why do you want to trade Chubb. He is top 5 RB for sure. Not sure that I would give up a stud for a possibility.
  7. QB- T Lawerence RB- N Harris WR- J Chase TE K Pitts. Each of these players are generational talents. Pick the one that fits your teams needs the best.
  8. Yep. Logged in to ESPN. Nothing shows.
  9. I can’t see any of the rosters. It takes me to ESPN, ut then I’m left hanging without the league and password.
  10. I love Gaskin for the 10th
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