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  1. Not completely sure. You may have to contact them. They are pretty limited in what they allow compared to most. I can't really buy and sell the same thing the same day.
  2. Got mine about 10 hours ago and pretty sure the soreness and achy is setting in.
  3. i've got one that doesn't allow special characters.
  4. I believe it is generally thought that you contribute to the 401k enough to get the full match then contribute to max out your IRA and then go back to add any additional to your 401k. Awesome if you can max both. The thought is that the match is free money. You switch to the IRA because you have more control over your investment. You can choose really anything. The biggest benefit is almost always lower fees than your options in the 401k.
  5. What kind of a factor do you give to their ex dividend date of 3/9? Is it really a dividend of 5.28%?
  6. Since you are corresponding with them, mention to them about the fees on all the funds. Layout the case for expense ratios. Mine is through Securian Retirement and includes some vanguard funds. None of the expense ratios are over 1 and there is a good selection under .5%
  7. probably a bunch and then they will give you a number to call. Then you probably have to go to your state's unclaimed property website. As an fyi, everyone should check their unclaimed property website. Any bonus there would be good for STONKS.
  8. Overall not bad for a first attempt. Nice and crispy. Just need to add more seasoning and sauce.
  9. https://youtu.be/X4GZfvXx9Js. @-OZ- @SFBayDuck Was watching the Superbowl commercials show. don't go with vanguard, they don't let you buy anything riskier than CYDY.
  10. Looking to bake some chicken wings. Is there a thread or recipe?
  11. How do they not have second or replay episodes? Couldn't squeeze it in on either MTV or MTV2? Ridiculousness must be crushing ratings. Unfortunately this is just low enough on the priority scale that the DVR skips it for other shows.
  12. Game highlights/reviews were different. I think it was more of a review of the game. You actually got a better feel for what happened. Often now if I watched a game then watch sportscenter, their review of the game doesn't match up to my review of the game. Also they don't include any box score stuff. I want stats and not just for the superstars they shove down our throats. And get off my lawn!!!!
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